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Memory Foam Mattress Pads and Natural Homeopathic Sleep Remedies Aid
Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Natural Sleep Aids and Homeopathic Sleep Remedies Support Proper Sleep Phases

De-stress, allow yourself to turn off your active mind while drifting into the peaceful sleep state without
compromising your clear head in the morning, or inhibiting your natural phases of sleep and dream time during
the night.

Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Rest

By adding a memory foam mattress pad to your current mattress you can afford to improve the quality of your
sleep without the expense of a whole new mattress system. Sometimes just adding a three to four inch memory
foam mattress pad can greatly improve the support your body needs when sleeping along with a proper sleep

Next, try using a natural sleep aid versus over the counter or prescribed sleep medications. Homeopathic sleep
formulas provide excellent support for a good nights sleep without interrupting your natural sleep phases
like so many sleep medications and over the counter products do.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Do you suffer from sleep apnea? View this list of Sleep Apnea symptoms and if you find they apply you may
want to ask your doctor for a sleep apnea test.

  • Do you kick your legs during sleep or find your limbs jerking only to awaken you during the night?
  • Are you often depressed and lacking motivation?
  • Are you hyperactive with ADHD symptoms?
  • Do you have headaches in the morning along with bloodshot eyes?
  • Do you wake up during the night making multiple bathroom trips?
  • Do you often get Acid Reflux, or heartburn?
  • Do you wake up feeling thirsty and tired?
  • Are you often irritable and lack patience?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating and sometimes have memory problems?
  • Do you deal with daytime fatigue?
  • Do you often feel a need to take naps during daytime hours with an excessive need to sleep?
  • Are you gaining weight and if a man over thirty five do you have love handles?

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Natural Sleep Formulas and Homeopathic Sleep Aids

Vaxa’s Nite-Rest is formulated to supply your body with the proper nutritional support needed so you maintain
your natural sleep phases which are so vital to good health. Normal functions of sleep include dreaming and
you want to ensure you are preserving these sleep cycles while enhancing your dreamstates.

It has been proven that conventional “sleeping pills” used as drug therapy effect dreaming cycles
leading to fewer and shorter periods of dreamtime than those of normal sleep phases. Prescription sleep medications
often include side effects. With a natural sleep aid like Nite-Rest, you don’t have to worry about be drowsy
the next day, nor do you need to worry about other symptoms of sleep drugs like next day headaches. Forgo
the over-the-counter sleep remedies and try a safe and effective alternative sleep aid.

Find Nite-Rest an All
Natural, Safe Sleep Aid That’s Non-Habit Forming

Native Remedies has several homeopathic formulas that naturally help you rest and get to sleep naturally. Here are three that you will want to learn about. They also offer children and infant sleep aid formulas that are safe and natural.

  • Serenite sleep aid addresses occasional routine restlessness that occurs at night and helps you wind down naturally after experiencing a busy day.
  • Pure
    Calm was created to support your natural sleep phases.
  • Triple Complex Sleep Tonic is a wonderful Homeopathic remedy that temporarily relaxes tension while increasing drowsiness to help you get a better night’s sleep.