Learn How To Hypnotise Others – Secrets Of Hypnosis Revealed

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Techniques for Better Living

“Secrets of Hypnosis,” blows away a lot of mysticism and explains the art of Hypnotism in a clear, logical and simplistic

This ebook is perfect for budding Hypnotists everywhere.

It includes a tried and tested hypnotic script which is easy to understand and use. You can learn hypnosis fast
and easy.

We’re pleased to offer information for learning hypnosis, featuring an eBook for beginners.

Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed

“You will be hypnotizing people within the hour!”

  • What hypnosis is and why it works – Discover the closely guarded hypnosis techniques
    that other hypnotists don’t want you to know.
  • The dangers of hypnosis – Hypnosis is very powerful and mistakes can lead to complications.
    This essential section ensures that you are never a threat to your volunteers.
  • Suggestibility tests – Find out who will go into hypnosis quickly. An essential skill
    for any performance, and great fun to perform on friends.
  • How to induce the hypnotic state – The part they didn’t want you to see! Simple instructions
    for the absolute beginner. Sales people…you really will benefit from these hypnosis techniques.
  • Subliminal messages – Commands that go straight to the subconscious mind! Easy to follow
    concise instructions that reveal the true power of subliminal messages and how you can benefit from them.
  • Hypnotic induction script – An actual tried and tested hypnotic script which has been
    successfully used time and time again to aid hundreds of people into deep hypnotic trance. All you need to do is
    read it out! It couldn’t be easier!..and it works.
  • Script explanation – Know why and how the script above worked! You also receive instructions
    on speed of speech and voice tonality, ensuring successful inductions and teaching you how to create you very own
    powerful hypnotic scripts.
  • Instant hypnosis – Instant induction methods! Great for Stage work and easier then
    you think! This is the stuff you see on the TV shows.
  • Awakening the subject – How best to wake your subjects and how to deal with ‘problems’
  • Trance phenomena – Want to know a little more about the mysteries of trance? The powers
    of the mind await your discovery.

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“As a fan of hypnosis, I have read many books, both introductory and advanced, and have found that they all
lack the one thing that this e-book has: simple, easy-to-understand instructions that really work! You can easily
read this material and be out hypnotizing people within the hour! Highly recommended!” — Lee Davis

“While studying to become a qualified Hypnotherapist I found Stevens E-Book immensely useful, it blows away
a lot of mysticism and explained the art of Hypnotism in a clear, logical and simplistic way. Fully recommend this
E-book to budding Hypnotists everywhere” — D.Bunning (F.inst.H.T.)

“This is an excellent book, takes you through step-by-step, easy to read and follow. Whatever misconceptions
you had about Hypnotism, forget them. This is the real deal! Brilliant!” — Andy Hargy

“At last, an author of high standards has written the untold details of hypnosis in simplistic easy to follow
steps. Forget the rest and simply order the best! I feel that any reader should be able to gain fairly instant success.” — Pamela
Mussen (author)

“I would highly recommend this course. It is packed with wonderful inductions and insights. All you need to
start hypnotizing straight away!” — K Buckley

“I feel the e-book I bought from you was excellent it covers the subject from start to finish I have seen others
but in my opinion yours is well in front. If anyone is thinking of a career on stage then this book should be your
first stop fantastic is an understatement!” — Dan Brookes

“By far the most comprehensive, easy to read and easy to understand book on hypnosis. It’s simplicity and impact
taught me the fundamentals and a working knowledge of hypnosis the first time I sat down with it. Thanks!” — Dr.
C. Valenti 

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