Ergonomic Massage Tables and Organic Essential Oils and Spa Kits

Learn About High Quality Massage
Tables and Unique Spa Kits and Supplies

Finding the Right Table for Your Massage Therapy Practice

If you are seeking a new massage table for your practice, and are interested in specialty tables, then you
might want to learn more about a small family business that started in Toronto, Canada in 1973.

Care-Tech Research was created as a joint effort by a Rolfer by the name of Marten Gabriel, and his wife,
a registered massage therapist. They saw a special need in the industry and since have gone on to create
several different designs of high quality massage tables.

The Ergonomic Massage Table by Care-Tech is one of their most popular designs which supports the movement
needs of a therapist when giving a client session. They also manufacture a variety of basic electric massage
tables. Some of the electric lift tables for different treatment modalities are:

FS3 Attitude which is designed for shorter massage therapists and deep tissue therapists, like Rolfers and

The Flora is a basic table design which is an economical alternative to the Attitude table.

Ab-Solution treatment system provides gentle abdominal support to accommodate pregnant clients, in the prone
position, with nominal increase in intrauterine pressures.

MediSpa Massage Table by Care-Tech has super flexibility and versatility so the practitioner can perform a
wide number of modalities on the same platform. Itt can even function as a spa table for manicures, pedicures,
facials, hydrotherapies and even pregnancy massages.

Custom-Built electric lift tables are also an option. They also offer reconditioned designs too. If you are
ready to invest in a new piece of professional equipment for your business, you might want to learn more
about their specialty tables.

Massage Supplies

For the practicing therapist you will need high quality massage oils, and organic oils are the very best.
If you also practice aromatherapy or incorporate healing oils in your sessions you will appreciate learning
about a resource to purchase high quality massage oils:

More information on this can be found in our free online health magazine.