Make Your 2023 Full of Luck with These Feng Shui Items

Lo and behold! The year 2023 is moving in faster than we anticipated and we have to talk Feng Shui. I am pretty sure you are looking forward to having the best luck out of the year of ‘the rabbit’ just like everybody else. It is indeed a year of celebration as the year of the rabbit signifies longevity, peace, and prosperity.

If you are here reading this article then I bet you are still looking for ways to navigate yourself in this new year. The good news is—according to many, the year 2023 is the year of hope. Therefore, keep your hopes thriving as this might be the year where your aspirations get granted. Of course, manifesting something is much more powerful when you use feng shui charms. You ask why? —It is because it simply makes it much easier! 

When we manifest luck, we have to be specific. Thus, using feng shui charms puts your intentions in line. For illustration, if you are single and are hoping to find love in 2023 the best way to display this intention is to use feng shui charms that work for the very same purpose. To help you go in the right direction as you go through your 2023 journey, I will give you a list of feng shui items you may use. These items are perfect anchors you may use for this year’s goals!

Three-legged frog

The three-legged frog is a feng shui lucky item that you can use as a home decoration even in your kitchen. This feng shui item is associated with wealth. It is said that the three-legged frog acts as a guardian to your family’s money and fortune. So, if you intend to secure your financial condition this 2023, use this ornament for your home.

This ornament is also perfect as a gift! Giving a three-legged frog décor to someone gives out the intention of wishing them prosperity and good fortune. Thus, if you plan on buying one, add more so that you will be able to share the luck with people you care for!

Mandarin duck

If you are hoping to find a significant other in 2023, then this might be a good option for you. Apparently, the mandarin duck ornament especially when in pairs attracts true love for the owner. It is also relatively used by married couples to bless their marriage. According to feng shui, these birds are the best symbol of love. Mandarin ducks also coined as ‘yuanyang’, are known to be loyal and faithful to their partners.

Crystal Globes

The crystal globes are claimed to assist business luck. Thus, if you are an entrepreneur, I highly recommend placing this item in your office or workspace specifically in the North-East corner. Personally, I also think that keeping globes give off an inspiration to travel to different places and countries. Consequently, this is a wonderful item to keep in 2023 if you are a travel enthusiast. The crystal globe also gives good energy to students pushing them to do good in their studies. 

Koi Fish Painting or Art

Koi Fishes are known to bring good luck and abundance to owners. However, having an actual live koi fish might be very expensive and costly. Nonetheless, you can always bring the same feng shui energy to your home by keeping an artwork with koi fish in it instead. Though it is vital to remember that koi fish arts usually have water elements in them. This makes it bad to place in resting areas such as your bedroom.

Before buying this art, make sure to scan your home first for the best location you can place this lucky item!

Feng Shui Bracelets

The feng shui bracelets are items you may use to display your manifestations, and each feng shui bracelet has their own meaning. It is also preferred because you may carry it anywhere with you! What is more exciting is that there is an enormous amount of variety and types to choose from. You may choose bracelets that can boost wealth and career like the Obsidian Bracelet. Or you can also opt for bracelets that are good for your health like the Seven Chakras of Life Bracelet and the Tiger Eye BraceletYou may also check out this feng shui shop if you want to purchase one right away.


Keeping and relying upon feng shui items to get lucky this 2023 is okay. It actually helps you get motivated to get things going the right way. However, always keep in mind that your fate still depends on your actions and decisions. So, it is still important to pair your feng shui charms with actions and intentions!