Healing with Herbs: How to Make Herbal Compress, Poultice, and Fomentation

Reaching for the over-the-counter or prescription treatments to tend to common conditions need not be the first step in nursing your situation.

Treating universal ailments with herbs is an easy, affordable, and safe approach to your personal health care.

Compresses and eye washes, poultices, and fomentations are popular topical (external) applications to affected areas.

Herbal Infused Compress

An herbal compress is a simple and natural application used to treat a variety of common ailments. A compress is a remedy of a cloth soaked in herbal tea and applied to the affected area. Similarly, an eye wash is an herbal tea solution that is applied directly to the affected eye area.

An appropriate healing herb compress is one made with chamomile. Chamomile is a good choice when making an easy herbal compress or herbal eye wash. The benefits of a chamomile herbal compress are endless, as the herb acts as an anti-inflammatory, disinfecting, anti-allergenic, and immunity-stimulating product.

Poultice: Herbal First Aid Mash

Yarrow HerbPoultice is an herbal remedy made of mashed plant material that is applied directly—or indirectly by wrapping it in a thin cloth—to the affected area of the body. Healing poultice is usually made from fresh herbs, but can also be made with dried herbs. Using an herbal poultice is easy: after application, keep the poultice in place to allow the herbal healing properties to soothe the area.

Yarrow is a suitable herb for poultice because of its properties for healing. This herb speeds blood clotting, relieves pain, disinfects wounds, promotes tissue repair, and reduces inflammation.

Natural Herbal Fomentation

Popular as an herbal “hot pack,” a fomentation is a topical application of a compress that is kept warm. This warm medicinal compress is great for its soothing qualities for many types of common discomforts.

Ginger, a popular herb used to make a fomentation, is known for increasing blood flow. It also has an anti-inflammatory action when applied to the affected area. A ginger fomentation is suitable for easing painful joints or muscles, sprains, strains, or spasms. Ginger is also a great herb for battling tummy aches, gas, bloating, and poor digestion.

Mountain Rose Herbs & LearningHerbs.com

Assorted Dried HerbsWith a commitment to cultivating greater interest in organic herbs, Mountain Rose Herbs focuses on delivering premium quality herbal products to their clients. Additionally, Mountain Rose Herbs believes in providing an herbal education to develop and strengthen the knowledge of natural herbal remedies and herbal uses.

In conjunction with Learning Herbs—a family owned and operated business dedicated to natural and healthy lifestyles—a video series has been created to educate audiences on common herbal recipes, including natural herbal health care approaches.

Herbal Basics: The Video Series

What viewers can learn about herbal-infused compresses include:

  • Common uses of an herbal compress and herbal eye wash, including the benefits of using an herbal compress.
  • A step-by-step instruction on how to prepare an easy chamomile herbal compress, including the supplies required.
  • How to apply your compress to the affected areas, and how to use an herbal eye wash.

How to make an herbal poultice is also covered in the video education series, including:

  • How to use a poultice and the common ailments for which it’s used.
  • The steps in preparing a yarrow herb poultice.
  • A detailed description of the supplies required to make your herbal poultice.

Viewers will learn details on making a natural hot fomentation treatment, including:

  • The supplies required for making a hot fomentation.
  • A descriptive step-by-step guide on the preparation of a hot ginger fomentation.
  • An explanation of how to apply your warm medicinal compress to the affected area.

Herbs , both dried and fresh, are powerful agents of healing and of health. By exploring the many uses that can be achieved through their applications, viewers of these informative videos will be exposed to a new world of healing.

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Watch a Two Part Series to Learn to Make, Herbal Compresses, Poultices, and Fomentations

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Part Two:

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