Make Asthma great again

Let’s NOT make Asthma great again!

Unfortunately we’ve learned that despite countless research documentation that proves just how bad coal energy is for asthmatics, Donald Trump in his infinite wisdom, decided that now is a great time to go back into coal. Years of progress is being undone here and we’re not quite sure if this has anything to do with personal grudges over the inability to repeal Obamacare.

Yes, those who sit in Trump tower or in Washington are protected by high quality air filters – and it will again be ordinary people who cannot afford costly air cleaning systems who will pay the price: Those men and women who we were suppose never to forget again, whose voices would have been heard by the Trump administration.

Whilst we can certainly take our time to get round the idea of climate change until all the deniers see the point, there is no doubt that Asthma is worsened by coal smoke. It is almost as of the US will now seek to compete with Greece and China on dirty air: Greece because the recession caused citizens to turn back to burining anything they can find instead of natural gas – and China because they have to do all the manufacturing for the world.

One in 12 people (about 25 million, or 8% of the U.S. population) had asthma in 2009, compared with 1 in 14 (about 20 million, or 7%) in 2001. More than half (53%) of people with asthma had an asthmaattack in 2008. More children (57%) than adults (51%) had an attack.

Let’s NOT make Asthma great again!

If your health and those around you is important – then now is a time to go public about America’s desire for clean air.