Hydrating Water with Minerals — Adya: Clarity of Mind, Body, and Water


Minerals are energy, and energy is life. This is the driving force of Adya, Inc., a company dedicated to introducing ionic minerals to our water.

Adya aims to bring a natural balance back to people’s lives through a line of ionic mineral solutions that are easily added to water, resulting in pure, energized, and mineral-rich water.

This energized water releases energy into the body, creating a more-balanced state of health. A healthy, balanced body is strong, hydrated, and functions at its peak.

About Adya Ionic Mineral Water

Adya, Inc. offers a line of water purifying products, including water purification and filtration systems and mineral solutions. These products electrically energize the water, which in turn electrifies the body. Adya maintains that a body with electrified energy works best when there are high levels of ionic minerals present.

WaterThere are three types of ionic mineral solutions available from Adya. Adya Gold is a mineral solution made of fulvic and sulphate ionic minerals. Adya Awaken consists of biotite ionic minerals, and Adya Clarity is a mineral solution of magnetic sulphate minerals and the most popular and recognized product they offer.

These mineral solutions are derived from the mineral-rich biotite—or black mica—of Mount Fuiji, Japan. Biotite has various homeopathic healing properties. It is also viewed in metaphysics as effective in arousing consciousness.

Adya Clairty: Giving Water a Boost

Adya mineral solutions, when mixed with water, instantly transform it into energized, purified, and mineralized water.

Adya solutions remove from water many harmful contaminants, including:

  • chlorine and fluoride
  • pharmaceuticals that have entered the water supply (such as antibiotics, antidepressants, and veterinary drugs)
  • chemicals, plastics, and solvents
  • heavy metals (such as mercury, aluminum, and lead) and pathogens
  • viruses, harmful bacteria, and parasites

The magnetic properties of Adya Clarity binds together contaminants in the water, forming sediment.

Watch this video of an industrial application. Although the video is in Japanese, the visuals are a self-explanatory demonstration on the wide effects of cleaning contaminants from bodies of water.

As you can see in the video, Dr. Asao Shimanishi—the doctor who discovered the benefits of black mica, and who inspired the development of Adya mineral solutions—demonstrates the solutions’ ability to transform muddy, polluted water into water that is clear and drinkable. These contaminants will never re-dissolve in the water, keeping it fresh and clean once treated.

Benefits of Adding Adya to Drinking Water

In the body, Adya treated water turns harmful contaminants inert and burned-out.

When these contaminants are no longer present to pollute and impair bodily functions, many of the body’s affected levels of imbalance are balanced again: tension, stress, stiffness, etc. disappear.

Studies have been ongoing for many years in Japan on the health benefits of Adya water. The mineral solution was introduced to the United States in the last few years for those interested in natural approaches to health and wellness.

When adding Adya solution to your hot tub it keeps the hot tub water pure for many months. Bathing in Adya treated water may even help the body detox.

Japan scientists and researchers continue to study the bathing benefits, as well as the internal consumption of this promising magnetic mineral solution and its ability to assist the body in removing toxicity, heavy metals, and other foreign substances that build up over time in our cells and contribute to various ailments, arthritic conditions, and inflammatory diseases.

Mind Your Minerals

Adya adds small amounts of essential minerals to the water, which transforms the water into an oxygenated and energized state. These minerals include: iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, manganese, sodium, and Adya Ionic Mineralzinc. There are also trace amounts of aluminum, barium, beryllium, boron, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, nickel, selenium, silver, and up to eighty different minerals found in the Adya solutions.

The purified and mineralized water not only tastes cleaner and fresher, but gives a boost to one’s immune system and hydration levels. A hydrated, healthy, and toxin-free body will allow for better sleep, increased energy, clearer skin, little or no bloating, no acid reflux or arthritis pain, improved regularity, and maintained homeostasis.

Organic minerals like those in Adja water are known to be bioavailable to the body, versus isolate types of minerals we find in most of our vitamin and mineral supplements.

Adya Water: Naturally Purifying

While Adya does state on its website that the claims of its products’ success have not been evaluated by the FDA nor should the product be used to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose a disease, the company does assert that the ionic mineral solutions transforms water into a pure, energized, and oxygenated state.

Having safe drinking water with improved quality benefits the body by passing along the minerals’ energy to bring the body back to a pure and natural condition.

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