Journey to Wild Divine Review

Personal Growth Therapy – Biofeedback Passage without
Age Limits

My “Journey to Wild Divine” started out with curiosity.

It was described as a game that is not just a game, and likewise, therapy that is not just that.

In addition, it was touted as a possible spiritual experience and awakening.

It felt to me that any one of the three
would be worth the price of this unique passage biofeedback program, although I must admit I couldn’t conceive
of how it could possibly all come together.

What I found out was It did. It does. And it has. And for you, if you’re willing…it will.

You will also appreciate the customer service support that is available to each and every player. Some may not need
it, but I needed help getting started and occasional support along the way. What I got was interest and concern,
friendliness and expertise. Very different from most current customer service online that is apparently devised to
get rid of you as soon as possible and to encourage you not to return.

The Journey to Wild Divine has given me some new tools to use in real life. Through biofeedback I’ve learned how
to create a deep calm within myself and sustain it, along with detachment and joy. All at will…and all sustainable.
What a wonderful opportunity for us “reactionaries” to use on a day-to-day basis!

The “game” is full of gentleness, acknowledgment, encouragement and the chance for accomplishment. Did
I mention wisdom? Well, there you have it…personal growth, therapy, and insight!

–By Luise Volta, (80 years young).

The Journey to Wild Divine

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