Journey Back To The Heart: Peace Gathering by Mac Gibson

The Great Gathering, A Vision of Peace

I was taken up unto a high place by Spirit. As I looked down, it was as if I was as a bird, or other high-flying
object, and I could see the earth spread out there below me.

I was looking at a place of mountains and valleys. This place was full of people; all camped out and stretching
as far as I could see; thousands and thousands of people.

I knew that, even beyond my line of sight, there were more camps. Spirit began to speak with me, to tell me
about what I was seeing. I was told that what I saw was the future, and that I was looking at a great gathering
that was to take place in a place known as “The Heart.”

I was shown that the people gathered there would be coming from all over the world and that there would be
those of great renown and common people, together there at that time.

As Spirit had me to look, I saw that the camps were all laid out with the center being the place for the Sacred
Ceremonies and there were Sacred Sweat Lodges built there. The people had gathered all over the camps to
sit in circles. At the bidding of Spirit, I looked at the circle directly below and saw myself and others
together there.

We were passing the Sacred Pipe and praying together. Spirit spoke to me these words:

“This gathering will take place at a place called The Heart and on that day, we will come together to
declare peace and unity among the human race.”

Spirit further spoke to me telling me that, in two days time, a man would show up at my door who was of “key
importance” to this great event. I was brought back to my time and, sure enough, two days later there
was an “unexpected” visit at my house.

The door was knocked and, as I opened it to receive the visitors, there stood my friends, Little Spotted
Eagle, and his wife, Turtle Woman. I received them in a good way and honored Little Spotted Eagle with a
gift on that day.

Now, time has passed and Little Spotted Eagle has shared his vision with the world.

According to the way Spirit gave the vision to him, this great gathering will take place in the Black Hills
of South Dakota, which have been known as “The Heart” by the Lakota for generations.

There will be a walk from the Four Directions, converging in the Black Hills. This walk is known now as “The
Journey Back to the Heart”; the purpose is to pray for peace and unity for humanity*.

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