The Role and Risks of Digestive Enzymes Supplements in Effective Weight Management

Weight Management Information – Role of Enzymes in Burning

Holistic Health Information – The Role of Enzymes in Weight Management – Lipase Nature’s Fatburner.

Learn about how you can get weight management help through supplementing with digestive enzymes.

This is important information to know before beginning a diet or starting a weight loss management program
of any kind. You will learn how to maximize your weight loss results.

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Digestive Enzymes and Lipase

An exciting avenue of research with regard to weight management has to do with digestive enzymes and one enzyme
in particular, called Lipase. Research has shown that people who are obese are low in the enzyme lipase.
So, can supplementation with the digestive enzyme lipase help with weight management?

Enzyme specialist believe the answer to that question is yes, but as any other responsible company will tell
you, a supplement alone will not help you reach and maintain your ideal weight. Calorie consumption and exercise
levels must both be considered and modified where needed, as well, for longterm weight loss results.

LypoZyme is
a supplement that was formulated to assist the person who has concerns ranging from health problems, to high
blood pressure, to plaque build up in the arteries, to obesity, to indigestion, and even auto-immune diseases. LypoZyme aids in the proper
digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins and contains the highest amount of Lipase (the enzyme responsible
for proper digestion of fats and balancing of fatty acids) of any product.

The high amount of lipase in LypoZyme provides the body with a feeling of saiety which further controls appetite,
lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and serves in the balancing of fatty acids in the system.

What is in LypoZyme?

You may have guessed that the first ingredient, and the most significant in terms of weight management goals,
is Lipase but what exactly is lipase? Lipase is an enzyme that works specifically to digest lipids (fat).
Incomplete digestion of fat allows fat to coat food particles and therefore interferes with the hydrolysis
of other food components such as protein and carbohydrates. Normal digestion of dietary fat is accomplished
by lipases with the assistance of bile, which is produced by the liver and normally supplied by way of the

The function of bile is to bring ingested fats into emulsion to facilitate the work of the lipases. Incomplete
digestion of fats may result in diarrhea and/or, more seriously, essential fatty acid deficiency. Adequate
absorption of essential fatty acids is necessary to maintain membrane structure in cells throughout the body
and to maintain healthy skin. Essential fatty acid deficiency also reduces blood clotting time. Additional
enzymes (protease blend, amy lase, cellulase) are included to enhance the performance of the other ingredients.


The second enzyme included in the LypoZyme formula is Amylase which is included because Supplementation with
amylase allows digestion of carbohydrates during their transit through the gastrointestinal tract. These
enzymes can tolerate the low pH of the gastric juice. The amylase hydrolyzes the starchy foods and liberates

And finally, we round out the synergistic LypoZyme formula with a special Protease Blend which consists of
alkaline, neutral and acid proteases plus peptidase. Our protease blend includes proteases that are active
in a wide range of pH’s, ensuring that protein digestion will begin in the stomach. It also includes enzymes
with a wide range of specificities (i.e. both endo- and exo- peptidase) in order to ensure the highest degree
of protein degradation.

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Personal Insight on Using Enzymes for Weight Loss

We often suggest an enzyme regimen for exploration that includes LypoZyme and the excellent combination of
herbs and enzymes in the BalanceZyme Plus product.

One of the questions that is sometimes asked from people who have taken enzymes before is the weight gain
they initially experienced, and why that happens. Typically, the reason we may gain with enzymes initially
is because our body is starved for nutrition. Absolutely starved. So once it starts getting the enzymes it
needs to gain maximum benefit from what we eat, there can be a temporary weight gain until our metabolism
settles and our body realizes that it is not going to starve.

Enzymes are not a quick fix. They provide support for your body to regain natural
balance and, with that, normal weight. Expect to be on enzyme supplementation at least three months before
making a determination and also, if you need to cleanse and leave out that important factor, neither the
enzymes or any other supplement you might try will result in permanent, healthy weight loss.

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Please read Weight Loss Report and also How to Detox Report if
considering whether or not you will benefit from this potent natural weight control approach.

How to Determine Your Body Fat Levels

For most people, determining the circumference of your waist and your body mass index (BMI) are reliable ways
to estimate your body fat and the health risks associated with being overweight, overfat or obese.

BMI is reliable for most people between 19 and 70 years of age except women who are pregnant or breast feeding,
competitive athletes, body builders, and chronically ill patients. Generally, the higher your BMI, the higher
your health risk, and the risk increases even further if your waist size is greater than 40 inches for men
or 35 inches for women. There are other ways, besides BMI, to determine your body fat composition, and your
doctor can tell you about them, but the method recommended here will help you decide if you are at risk.

Use the chart to determine your BMI. Then, measure your waist size. Now, with your BMI and waist size determined,
use the table below to determine your health risk relative to normal weight. You can visit The Partnership
for Healthy Weight Management for the BMI chart, so that you have a more clear understanding of how these
figures are determined.