Attention Smokers – Herbal Medicine to Cleanse Lungs From Smoking

Did you know that there are Holistic Health Solutions for Detoxifying the Respiratory System with Herbal Medicine that Cleanse the Lungs? You can now help your lungs release toxins with all organic and natural herbal supplements that promote the expulsion of toxins from your respiratory system and support building healthy lung tissue. However this does not mean you should continue smoking, live in highly polluted areas or turn a blind eye to high levels of PM10 and PM2.5 pollution.

If you are a smoker it is essential and helpful to cleanse the lungs from smoking contaminants that build up in your respiratory system as a step toward better health and lung cancer prevention. Taking a lung rejuvenating supplement is essential for people who breath polluted air, and especially for smokers or those with unhealthy lungs.Research shows you can ward off lung disease, or symptoms of lung cancer by supporting your lung’s health with all natural herbal supplements.

Cleanse Your Lungs of Potentially Harmful Pollutants and Toxins

Lung Rejuvenator – This wonderful formulation is made from all natural and organic herbal ingredients that cleanse and detoxify your respiratory system. You can also use this formula to aid
in expelling toxins from your respiratory system. This product does an excellent job at promoting good lung health while also assisting your body by improving oxygen assimilation.

  • You can promote respiratory system health
  • You can help minimize irritation to the respiratory system caused from smoking and environmental pollutants.
  • You can help detox and cleanse your lungs and air passage ways naturally, with organic herbs.
  • You can improve oxygen assimilation.
  • You can help promote the expulsion of mucous and ease respiratory symptoms.

Lung Rejuvenator – Herbal Medicine to Cleanse Lungs

This all organic and natural herbal medicine is made by one of our favorite formulators of high quality products, Blessed Herbs and works with your body to support healthy lungs.

When you cleanse your lungs you support and strengthen your body’s defenses while also help you body build a healthy bronchial system.

If you feel you have unhealthy lungs (and have seen your doctor) and are seeking natural support, we recommend you take the Lung Rejuvenator one week on and one week off for maximum support. Repeat this schedule for a total of three times. You will need three bottles to give your lungs a real boost.

Organic Herbal Ingredients:

  • Licorice Root – Helps to harmonize all ingredients in the formula.
  • Mullein Leaf – Great herb for toning the mucous membranes found in the respiratory system.
  • Pleurisy root – This herb helps to stimulate drainage of the lymphs.
  • Lungwort Lichen – Does well to support tissue in the lungs and is quite soothing.
  • Grindelia – Ver relaxing to you system.
  • Elecampane Root – Both relaxing and stimulating.
  • Chlorella – Acts as a heavy metal cleanser to help remove toxins.
  • Wild American Ginseng Root – A restorative tonic that is also adaptogenic.
  • Mullein Flower – Provides a soothing effect to the lungs.
  • Lobelia – Aids in relaxing the lungs.
  • Long Pepper fruit – Helps to stimulate the lungs.
  • Black Peppercorns – Helps with stimulating circulation.
  • Ginger root- Wonderful lung stimulant.
  • Sweet Violet Flower and Leaf- Provides additional support for the lungs.
  • Cordyceps – Helps stimulate the body’s antioxidants, which is known as superoxide dismutase.
  • Extract of Turkey Tails Mushroom – Great for supporting the lungs and reducing phlegm.

Smokers Lungs and Unhealthy Lung Disorders – Peptic Ulcers, Ulcerative Colitis, Emphysema to Name a Few

Most people who smoke are aware of some of the dangers. However, you may be having health problems that you don’t even attribute to smoking, as we discovered when we read the interesting statistics available.

It is pretty obvious that smoking will damage the lungs and respiratory system but did you know that forty-one percent of peptic ulcers found in males and thirty-three percent found in females is caused by smoking cigarettes? Or that 8% of ulcerative colitis in males and three percent in females is also caused by smoking of cigarettes?

Another statistic that truly surprised us was the number of fires that are caused by cigarette smoking. I know of stories where people fell asleep with a lit cigarette but always assumed that those stories were rare. I was shocked to read this statistic: “Twenty-three percent of fire injuries are due to cigarette smoking accidents”.

Of course, the number of deaths directly attributed to smoking is even more staggering: Each year tobacco causes some four million premature deaths. Unfortunately right now, president Trump seeks to “make Asthma great again” and we ask that you head over to Twiter, his favourite channel, to help educate our commander in chief about the undeniable risks of MORE lung cancer unless he can take the environment more seriously. Pray that God can open his eyes and those in congress because dismissing factual research on climate change is not just about climate: pollution causes irreversible lung cancer.