Risks of Stomach Stapling Risks Versus Healthy Weight Loss Alternatives That are Natural and Safe

Stomach Stapling Risks Compared to Herbal Weight Loss for Reaching Your Target Weight

Being overweight isn’t just a cosmetic concern.

Obesity and making poor dietary choices have been linked in research to several life-threatening conditions.

Among the health challenges linking poor eating habits as a contributing factor in development are hypertension,
heart disease, cancer, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, chronic depression and many others.

Getting regular exercise and consuming a nutritious, balanced diet are two of the most important things a person
can do to help themselves lead a long and healthy life and help to prevent illness.

The weight loss industry is a multi-million dollar business. Every day there is another miracle diet or magic potion
which promises to melt off those pounds without an ounce of effort! Why is this? Is it because people are lazy and
looking for a quick fix? I don’t think so. I think it’s a lot more complex than that. Losing weight is never just
about pounds. It’s about self-image, emotional stability and breaking habits that are often deeply engrained.

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t tried a “crash diet” at least once. I know I have. I tried the babyfood
diet years ago, and also that one where you ate only one certain food each day, don’t remember the name of it. The
physical body can stand a little abuse like that but years of crash dieting are thought to make it more and more
difficult to lose weight permanently.

What is Stomach Stapling?

Carnie Wilson, the singer, recently brought surgical procedures for obesity to the mainstream consciousness. But
not all obesity surgical procedures are actually “stomach stapling.”

What is “stomach stapling,” and is it the same thing as gastric bypass? As defined by The University Hospital
in New Jersey, Stomach stapling is a catch-all term commonly used to describe a variety of obesity reduction surgeries.

It can mean gastric bypass or an entirely different procedure. However, when gastric bypass surgery is performed,
part of the stomach is stapled.

Considering stomach stapling? We would only consider such a drastic measure if all else has failed (and we do mean
All Else) but if you are considering this procedure as a weight loss option, we want to share with you some highlights in an article published on Reuters

According to this article, the experience of your hospital, in what is termed difficult weight loss procedures has
a great deal to do with what degree of complication you may experience with your surgery.

We were surprised to read that surgery complications for stomach stapling surgery can be as high as 26 percent
with a one percent death rate, if the hospital you have chosen has done less than 100 stomach stapling procedures.

That staggering percentage drops quite a bit after the 100 mark, to around 15 percent. So it would pay to find out
just how familiar your hospital, and your surgeon, are with stomach stapling before you go under the knife.

Because there are so many other options that are safe and work even better, we are happy to include information to help you
achieve your body weight goal.

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