Lose Your Last Ten Pounds on the Cheat Your Way Thin Diet

Like many people who have lost weight, I still had those last ten pounds that didn’t want to budge.

I’m a fitness buff, work out regularly, and usually stick to a healthy diet.

But I couldn’t chisel off those last few stubborn pounds. And most of us know, those last few pounds are the difference between a beach body or a beach cover up.

A New Approach to Weight Loss

pic-estrogen-dominance-bellyfatI decided to try a new weight loss approach designed by Joel Marion, a well regarded fitness expert, and former Body For Life Grand Champion.

The Cheat Your Way Thin program was not only affordable, but made a lot of sense. Instead of constantly denying your food cravings and sticking to a strict diet that lowers your metabolism, The Cheat Your Way Thin diet encourages planned cheat days. These controlled cheat days fool your body into keeping your metabolism high.

My First Three Weeks on the Plan

The first three weeks were much like any diet.

I stuck to the low carbohydrate version of the program, but Joel offers nine diet approaches to suit nearly anyone’s preferences.

During this time you’re free to choose a diet that’s low fat, low calorie, low carbohydrate, low glycemic index, or a combination of these dieting methods.

Flexibility allows you to try different approaches and find the one that’s right for you.

The exercise component to Cheat Your Way Thin is approximately twenty minutes of mixed intensity training (MIT.) It simply involved physical activity performed at different speeds within one workout.

I chose swimming and biking three or four days a week. But you can add mixed intensity training to almost any sport or physical activity you enjoy.

pic-pancakesThen, at the end of the third week, I was allowed my first cheat day. Think pancakes, hash browns, donut holes, fettuccine Alfredo, and cherry pie.

What foods you chose on cheat day depends entirely on what you’re craving. A juicy cheeseburger, fries, a slice of cheesecake, anything goes.

I kept my cheat portions in control as advised, but the pleasure of eating foods I craved made it so much easier to go back to the “dieting” phase the next day.

The Real Cheating Test

At the end of week four, I enjoyed my second cheat day. Now past the initial three weeks, I could cheat one day every week.

Again, I was allowed to eat anything I craved. But I found I wasn’t having strong cravings like I would on a strict “no cheating” diet.

I enjoyed a few goodies, then happily returned to my low carbohydrate diet.

Wow, I Lost Five Pounds

Reducing Body FatIn the first three weeks, I lost five pounds!

For me, this was outstanding as it usually took me three weeks to lose a pound or two.

And usually a three week period of dieting is much harder.

Twelve Pounds, Inches, & 6 Percent Body Fat

After 60 days on Cheat Your Way Thin, I lost twelve pounds and several inches. I also lost 6 percent body fat and fit into my size four skinny jeans.

Joel Marion has developed a nutritional approach with the Cheat Your Way Thin program that anyone can stick to and actually enjoy.

The weekly cheat days fool your metabolism into staying fast and you burn more body fat than on strict diets.

pic-carol-before pic-carol-afterFor me, this approach worked on those last few stubborn pounds I had struggled to lose. The picture on the left as you can see is the before picture, and on the right after sixty days. I love how much better my suit fits now!

Joel Marion has designed a dieting approach we can all lose weight on, live with, and love.

This was my experience with the program. I was so happy that I also wrote a terrific review if you would like to learn more about what comes with the program.

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