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Rapid Weight Loss Information: Fast Solutions for How To Safely Lose 10 pounds in 10 Days

Discover practical steps to losing weight.

The key to finding a rapid weight loss plan that works for you is safety.

You can breakthrough a weight loss plateau and enjoy a fast start, which will help motivate you in losing weight.

For permanent and fast weight loss, begin a healthy change in your lifestyle. On this page, we provide many solutions, including the popular Fat Loss 4 Idiots program, detoxification, fat burning through body building, an example high protein diet, information on home gyms and exercise, balancing your pH, keeping the weight off, and much more.

Top Recommended Weight Loss Programs

The Healthynewage 6-in-1 weight loss diet helps you achieve your perfect weight in 28 days – and helps you maintain it. It is 100% natural and requires NO pills, little or no gym exercise and what is great is you will still enjoy many of your favorite foods. It is one of the best weight loss programs available in the world which is scientifically proven. Read more here about the diet.

“The GreenLife Weight Loss Method”

Your Foundation for Getting the Body Healthy: Learn how to reset your metabolism to get your weight under control and rid your body of ugly fat cells.

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“7 Day Belly Blast Diet”

Discover the 37 foods that KILL up to 11 pounds of belly fat, excess water, and ‘toxic waste’ in just 7 days … including forbidden foods like chocolate, peanut butter, and BBQ!

Formerly obese “diet guru” reveals the deadly foods that cause belly bulge and the 37 foods that KILL it.

Make these simple swaps to your meals and blast away all your unattractive belly fat forever. Who would have thought that eating MORE would flatten your belly?!

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4 Fast Weight Loss Steps

10 Pounds in 10 Days…You can lose 10 pounds in 10 days!

1. Moderate Exercise:

Three times a week.

2. Adequate Water Intake:

Almost no one drinks enough and when you are losing weight, you need more. Take your weight, divide it
in half and that equals the number of ounces of water you should drink each day.

3. Good Nutrition:

Fresh fruits and veggies, grains, low-fat meat choices. And for most, a huge reduction in “fast foods,” fried
foods, sugary foods, white flour products, and red meat.

4. Good Sleep:

This is a vital issue. Sleep is when the body rejuvenates and repairs. If you are not sleeping well, we
can just about guarantee you won’t lose the weight you are trying to lose.


Detox Report: Detoxification is the secret tool you can use to boost weight loss.
Many of us are toxic, holding wastes and even parasites, that hinder our weight loss goals. Learn how to
detox safely and you can experience easier weight loss than ever before.

Detoxification Therapies: Do you know the primary forms of detoxification therapy
that are available and how they work? We hope you enjoy this educational article.

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days

Fat Burning Secrets: If you would like to learn how to lose body fat permanently…even in your mushiest spots…without
drugs, without supplements and without screwing up your metabolism, then read this most important
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In the otherwise healthy person, a short term rapid weight loss program such as the one presented on this
page can help to stimulate initial weight loss but do not be deceived. You need to change your lifestyle
for weight loss to be permanent, if extra weight has been a chronic problem for you. Also, because this particular
10-day plan emphasizes meat and butter, it would not be appropriate, obviously, for anyone with heart problems.

We feel that carb-sparing diets that are as severe as this one should never been taken over a week to 10 days.
To learn more about the wholistic approach to weight loss, visit our Lose Weight by Getting

Detoxing before such a fast-start diet can dramatically increase your results and also, detox is just a good
tool for stimulating weight loss and more energy. Receive
detox nutritional support here .

As we detail in our site-wide disclaimer, you should not start a detox or a diet change without consulting your health professional.

The Benefits of Home Exercise

We all would like to lose weight and get in shape with a minimal effort. That’s how the fitness informercial
makes billions per year, promising miraculous results without breaking a sweat.

If you are not fooled by their claims then you know you have to work at getting in shape and losing unwanted
pounds. So where do you go for a challenging workout? If you are into walking and running, during the temperate
seasons you can get your cardio exercise in the great outdoors. Read more about
designing a home gym

Body Building

Tony Horton won acclaim with his fitness techniques, which appeared in Men’s Fitness Magazine and established Tony as an on-camera
presence as the spokesperson for Nordic Track. Then, in the late 90’s, Tony was retained by a major Hollywood
studio to condition the entire cast of the motion picture The 13th Warrior.

Tips to Make Your Weight Loss Permanent

Don’t just lose 10 pounds. Keep it off. Or lose more and keep it off. Infact you might want to join a weight
loss program where you receive personal support if you have more than 25 pounds to lose before you reach
your ideal weight.

Another resource that might help you is listening to subliminal, paraliminal, or self-hypnosis weight loss
CD’s. This will help you consciously and subconsciously decide you want to reach and maintain your idea weight.
For your conscious mind, declare “With each moment that passes, I am reaching and maintaining my ideal
weight!” Repeat this personal declaration every day. Then use a program that reaches your subconscious
with suggestive messages.

These types of programs are designed to help automatically adjust the amount and types of food you eat and
make a concerted effort to change your lifestyle around eating. Most also suggest you become more active,
such as parking further from the grocery store so you can walk a little more or use the stairs instead of
an elevator when you have just one or two flights. Of course, the more you do, the better you will feel.

Also, learn to accept weight loss in small doses. Permanent and ideal weight loss works best when you lose
one percent of your weight each week. Going for more weight loss often is the recipe for weight gain in the
future. Go slow and steady and you will be able to reach your ideal weight, and maintain it for the course
for your life!

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