Livestrong: a destination for those who want to stay healthy

LIVESTRONG Foundation and Demand Media envisioned LIVESTRONG.COM as the destination website for those who want to take control of their health and build their own success story. They believe that every person should be given the right information concerning food, fitness and the necessary inspiration for them to live a healthy and good life. The fact remains that eating well and exercising often is very important in preventing cancer and other diseases.

People at LIVESTRONG believe that to achieve anything, one needs to be educated first. Then what follows is the person will have to make small daily commitment to effect a change. The site offers content to first inform the reader but also to engage him by offering him practical tools that he can rely on to put himself on the path to a healthier lifestyle progressively.

LIVESTRONG.COM does not doubt that to prevent cancer and other illnesses it is essential that one lives a healthy life. This is why the website has a licensing partnership with LIVESTRONG Foundation and to support their mission have contributed over $3M to assist those already affected by cancer. The company helps bring awareness to millions of people about the fight against cancer and support those who a willing to change their old lifestyle in pursuit of a better one.

What makes the website unique
The website wants to help its members reach their health goals. The health writers are passionate about the transforming power that the combination of the right food and fitness can offer. So they encourage their members to celebrate their victory on daily basis as they develop good practices. There is a section where members personal success stories are shared and that can be used as a catalyst for other health aspirants to evolve and make that change.

Members are assisted in the realization of their potential so that they can also help others get to that same level of success.

Why you should visit the website
On the health website, you will be provided with tools and applications that will make it easier to track your progress on your journey to change your health lifestyle. There is a flagship tool on the website called MyPlate. It is a comprehensive food and fitness tracking device taking advantage of the largest food and fitness database that can be found online. There is also a mobile version, MyPlate Mobile, an app that you can take along everwhere you go. It offers the same functionalities. This is one key tool that can help users by providing them with the information they need to develop the good habit of choosing the right food.

For those who want to quit smoking, they can rely on the app MyQuit Coach. An app that offers a personalized quitting plan. The users also received daily encouragement and support from social circles.

This is how the community on the website gets engaged and challenged to meet long-term or short term goals.

There is a recipe section offering the largest database of food. The team of health writers believes that as a part of living healthy, it is important to also enjoy the food that we eat. That is why members are allowed to create and share food options with respect to dietary preference and get information about the nutritional value of their choices.

There is an app for exercising too, Loops. It is a mapping tool that can be used in walking, running, hiking and cycling to track the progress of the user.



The information shared on LIVESTRONG comes from experts in nutrition, diet, wellness and fitness fields. The content shared includes feature content created by leaders in the field of healthy living, articles from freelance professionals showcasing practical solution oriented ideas, instructional video series that are educational as well as entertaining and a lot of Q&A format pages.

The site is headed by people who know that information related to health keeps evolving and the content they share keeps adapting to that. The website is a safe and encouraging space where the average person wouldn’t feel embarrassed to directly engage with respected experts in the field and ask questions.

The content provided is to enable readers to find the practice that work for them.

One of the cornerstone of the website is its peer-to-peer support system. It presents itself as a platform for members to connect, share information and inspire one another. They are encouraged to interact more often than not and that brings about a collective growth.

Who does the website support
LIVESTRONG was designed to support those affected with cancer and give them the power to fight against the world’s leading cause of death. It was originally created by cyclist Lance Armstrong, a cancer survivor, in 1997 as the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

The organization has now turned into a popular website which leads the global movement for cancer, representing 28 million people around the world affected by it. The brand is now known for its iconic yellow wristband which is a symbol of hope and inspiration for cancer people. From the time it was created, the organization has been able to raise $400 million to fight cancer.

For the organization to make its dream come true, it had to rely on Demand Media, a content and social media company that is able to create a platform that can generate revenues by combining the work of publishers, creative professionals with advertisers.

Take note that even though the content shared on LIVESTRONG is provided with the best of intentions, one is expected to see it as educational content only. Readers are not in any way encouraged to replace the information given by professional medical personal with the one given on the website. The products advertised on the website are not endorsed by the brand LIVESTRONG which has no particular selection as to the advertising company that would want to see its products showcased on the website.