Ligament Damage Imaging – Industry Shifts & Insight from Injury Leader, Spinal Kinetics

What causes pain? For over 50 million people in this country that live with chronic pain, the answer is unknown. Imagine not even knowing the actual cause of the pain in your back or neck, just experiencing severe pain – daily.

Whether you are suffering from chronic pain or know someone who is, you can certainly imagine how others must feel and struggle with it. The ripple effect across one’s life is hard to grasp – how it makes one react to others when in pain, in familial relations, friendships or with co-workers. 

Effective Ligament Damage Imaging

Search for Ligament Damage Imaging and you are bound to come across a website promoting the use of MR or MRI. For all the great results that MRI can get, they simply miss the majority of ligament injuries and due to the way in which a scan is taken – laying down (supine) while the scan is being performed.

In order to measure actual damage to the spinal ligaments precisely, it is necessary to perform any analysis while there is load on the disks or ligaments. Supine tests or analyses simply cannot tell the entire story. You could compare this to testing the moving parts of a machine that isn’t tested in it’s operating position. You wouldn’t put a car upside down to test it? So what is the solution?

How CRMA Differs From The Norm

Spinal Kinetics’ CRMA® is a proprietary technology which is different and delivers complete reports that measure the exact interseg-mental motions of the ligaments. In contrast to an MRI, CRMA delivers a report that isolates and focuses on the problem with great accuracy and can thus lead to more effective treatment plans.

“One of the real differences between CRMA and other modalities is the way in which the analysis is performed. CRMA is only determined by board-certified medical radiologists to ensure both the quality of the results and that no results have been manipulated in any way.  These tests should always be performed by an unbiased independent specialist” Says COO Dr. Jeffrey Cronk of Spinal Kinetics LLC.

Getting the Most From Radiology

Injuries to the spine or neck can result from many different types of trauma, and underlying or undiscovered injuries can affect people long after the initial occurrence. Sports and heavy physical endurance jobs sees the highest instance of neck and spine damage. Failure to catch and diagnose the issue at the time can, and often does, adversely affect parts of the body that now have to over compensate for the injured body part thereby compounding the problem further.

To get the most from radiology, itis  important that it be used in the most effective way possible.

CRMA can help diagnose the actual damage to the ligaments, which can lead to the #1 source of chronic pain in America. Proper diagnosis leads to the shortest road to recovery. We owe it to all of those people that suffer from pain to do all we can to help.