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Tantric Sexuality and Tantra Training

Tantric Sensuality and Tantra Practices

Many who seek healing through tantra often displace opportunities to share true intimacy by creating a false sense
of intimacy.

Some are setting themselves up for more pain later on because they either choose those who will repeat
patterns of sexual imbalance, regardless of whatever tantric title of mastership they may carry, or because they
are not truly seeking to heal sexual issues as much as to have another person validate them.

Whenever another person validates us, we are still at the mercy of something outside ourselves and have not healed
sexual issues but have replaced them with a sexual imbalance of another nature, that of letting someone else define
us as good, or pure, or Sacred, sexually.

There are occasions when it may be warranted, and of all the people on
the internet, Somraj are the services we’ve elected to make available for
those who strongly feel that tantra is what they need to heal.

The e-courses on this website have a focus on creating Sacred Sex. That’s the reason we have included it, rather
than some others who seem solely to focus on sexual pleasure.

If this material helps create an environment for you
where sex becomes more meaningful and intimate, then the passion will be an added bonus. That’s what Spiritual
Sex is all about for when connecting at a soul level, it can be a divine experience.

Learn Tantra, Tantric Sex Course: If you’re intrigued by the fantastic claims of hours and hours of sexual ecstasy
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  • Practice Tantric Sex