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Qigong – Essence of the Healing Dance by Francesco Garripoli

The term Qi Gong (pronounced chee gung), is an ancient Chinese healthcare modality that has facinated people
for ages. In China it is well known that Qi Gong exercises and good health go hand in hand.

There are many different forms of this unique system, which are at the core of martial arts and traditional
Chinese medicine. Medical Qigong is very respected in China, as are the many different systems, such as the
more familiar:

  • Wuji Qigong
  • Baqua Xun Doa Gong
  • Shaolin Qigong
  • Tai Chi Gong

QiGong Essence of the Healing Dance
with Francesco Garripoli

This book is an expression of my heart. Qigong students and friends have been asking me to put my ideas down
on paper for years. I am not a “form” oriented person, so the concept of slowing down ideas to
print is a bit alien for me. What comes out during the classes I teach simply flows through me. I don’t have
the intellectual capacity or attitude that enables me to structure feelings and elusive concepts. It makes
me think of a butterfly.

Did you know that this creature would no longer be able to fly if you touched its wing and brushed off the
delicate powder that is dusted upon it? The concepts related to Qigong and healing that I have written about
in this book are a little like a butterfly’s wings in that way–if you “touch” them too much, get
too caught up in specific details, they may lose their ability to fly. Lao-tzu, the ancient Taoist sage,
wrote, “The Tao, the Natural Way, that could be described was no longer the Tao.” This is a cryptic
way of saying that things we feel on a deeply intuitive and emotional level about the working of the Universe
can rarely be shared with mere words. By describing and “touching” on these ideas, we have taken
them from their pure state and are only left with mere replicas at best.

A Guidebook of Inspiration

It is my hope that this book conveys the essence of the beautiful exercise and healing system of Qigong (pronounced “chee
gung”). Even saying how it should be pronounced seems a bit foolish to me, like trying to put the net
on that butterfly! But, as the philosopher Wittgenstein once wrote, “We live in a word-built world” and
it is on this common ground that we must interact. The essence of Qigong can only be experienced through
its practice. This book can then only serve to be an inspiration to help guide you to try this healing modality
for yourself.

Garripoli Qigong Healing

Living in China

For the last two years, I have been living in China, traveling throughout this magical country in search of
the roots of Qigong. I have been studying Qigong and the Eastern energy healing arts since I was a teenager
and it became clear to me to “drop everything” and go on this journey. Leaving stability and safety
behind for the unknown sometimes seems like the only alternative in matters of the soul. The wonderful teachers
that I met on my adventures shared openly with me and I am honored that they trusted my intention. Each of
them made it very clear to me that when I returned to the West, I must teach. This book is an attempt at
honoring that charge.

First, I try to give a little of the philosophical background that emerges from Qigong’s ancient Chinese heritage.
Next, I share some of the ancient and esoteric concepts related to this healing modality. Discussing children
and Masters is an attempt at sharing my feeling that the fundamentals of Qigong are both naturally inherent
in us, and at once complex and rich enough to take a lifetime to fully understand. As most of us are concerned
with the practical application of any system’s healing components, I share these thoughts that I have learned
from a variety of Masters over the years.

Motivation for Healing and Inner Transformation

I hope that through some of my personal experiences, and those of a variety of practitioners, you will understand
how Qigong can motivate healing and inner transformation. Qigong cannot really be explained. It can only
be experienced. The beauty of being human is that our uniqueness will carve for us personal conclusions as
to what Qigong is. Outward descriptions of breathing techniques and specific movements only state the apparent.
What happens within us during the Qigong experience is ours alone and creates for us a personal lexicon.
This new language becomes the foundation for our personal growth and pathway to healing.

The Qigong exercises in our DVD’s and Books offer a variety of outward expressions. They are typical of the thousands of forms that have developed over the millennia.
It is only through trying moves like these with an open mind and heart that you will know whether Qigong
is right for you.

Our DVD can help you further
your skill and understanding, and I hope that ultimately you will find a teacher if this is your path. The script for my Public Television
documentary on Qigong is included with the DVD. It will present what is actually taking place in China today
in the field of Qigong. Thank you for taking this journey with me, and for dancing between
the words to always hear their truth and listen to their essence. Peace.


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