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Disposable Diapers Versus Cloth Diapers

Newborn Bathing Parent Resources – What is the Truth about Disposable Diapers?

What are the concerns regarding toxic chemicals present in disposable diapers?

For one, they contain Dioxin. Various forms of Dioxin have been linked to cancer, liver
damage, birth defects, and skin diseases. This compound is a by-product that happens during the paper-bleaching
process used in making disposable diapers, and actually traces of Dioxin may even be found in the diapers

Of greater concern are the “superabsorbent” diapers. Have you ever wondered what could make them
so super absorbent? If so, you probably noticed little beads of clear gel on your tender baby’s genitals
when changing their diaper. This is due to another not so good ingredient called sodium polyacrylate.

Yes, it is true, this substance absorbs up to 100 times its weight in water, but it also the same substance that
received so much attention because of its use in women’s tampons. That is because of its link in 1985 to the toxic
shock syndrome.

However, no formal studies on the long term effects to babies has be done. But it doesn’t take a lot of logic or
common sense to contemplate having this chemical in contact with your baby’s bottom and reproductive organs
on a consistent basis might have some pretty negative effects on their well being. Especially when babies wear diapers
for over two years.

If you are
to talk to a disposable diaper manufacturers they will try and tell you that store bought diapers are more sanitary,
and do not spread the bacteria that cloth diapers do. However, this is not the case, rather the spread of bacteria
has more to do with the handwashing habits of the caregiver, or the types of storage containers used.

organic cotton diapersThere are so many wonderful choices for buying organic cloth cotton diapers which will bring comfort and protection
for your baby. They remove one risk of toxic exposure to your baby which is a very positive step. Also, when you
factor in the cost of laundry, or even diaper services you will still come out ahead financially and your baby will
be a whole lot happier.

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