Desktop Computers for Kids Need Browsers to Surf Safely

Web Browsers for Kid’s Computers
Allow Safe Surfing

Web browsers for kids are the latest tools that help in monitoring the type of content accessible on the Internet.

The Internet is flooded with websites that contain graphic material. This material, if uncensored, could have a
negative effect on the child’s psychology and affect the moral values inculcated from infancy.

Branded software is available for censoring graphic content. However, they very often fail to provide the necessary
protection, since adult websites are often designed to overshadow this software. The best option is kids browsers
that do not allow access to adult sites and graphic content. The browsers enable adult monitoring of the information
accessed by children. This in turn ensures optimum and healthy use of the electronic wonder.

Web browsers meant for children have inbuilt systems that allow you to adjust browser settings. You could set a
specific time, making surfing available only then. You could ask the children about their preferred surfing time
and adjust the browser setting accordingly. Children get addicted to Internet surfing easily and this can have a
negative impact on their academic performance. You can limit the time they spend on the Internet by adjusting the
browser setting. These browsers have different modes such as ‘young children’, ‘older children’ and ‘preschool children
that you can select from. The browser settings are complete with password protection. This ensures that the children
will not be able to alter the settings, post-installation.

Apart from censoring adult sites and graphic content, these web browsers also provide the children with easy-to-use
browsing tools. The preview function available in them allows the children to have a look at a preview image of the
links present on a web page. This helps them to save time, since they access only those links that contain the information
they are looking for. These browsers use large fonts, attractive colors and animation, to make Internet surfing a
lot more fun for the children. They provide quick access to the online dictionaries, thesaurus and encyclopedias.

Browsers meant for children are easily available and can be downloaded directly from the Internet. These are easy
to install on desktop computers for kids, as they allow you to adjust the browser settings on installation. However,
you need to create different user groups on the computer. You can create these, using the name of the child and assign
a password. Web browsers for kids help in protecting children from the negative influences of the Internet, yet allowing
them to explore the multitude of healthy information available online.