Tips for Creating Your Own Low Cost Jewelry

Creating Your Own Low Cost Jewelry

Creating your own low cost jewelry can be accomplished by learning the basic techniques and methods employed
for making home made jewelry.

You also need to be aware of the various tools that are involved in making handcrafted gem stone jewelry.
A small amount of money invested in raw material and tools can help you to create jewelry that would normally
cost hundreds of dollars at the jewelry store. The jewelry you create on your own can be specific, to enhance
your favorite outfit or a gift to someone special.

Depending on your personal choice and your available budget, you could opt for semi precious stones, like
the amethyst, turquoise or garnet. You can even incorporate any other stone to which you are drawn. Many
jewelry artists enjoy working with Bali sterling silver beads or lamp work beads or a combination of both.
You may also opt for crystals and pearls as used by many current designers. Or you can use common readily
available material, such as recycling old jewelry, based on your creativity and imagination.

Apart from the material, you also need to decide on the method that you intend to employ to create your jewelry.
It is beneficial to adhere to one particular method, since it will enable you to reduce material costs and
improve your skills in that particular style of jewelry making. A real popular method is wire sculpting which
uses a flexible wire as the basic essential for different types of necklaces and bracelets. You can purchase
sterling silver wire, and even gold filled to create your designs once you perfect your skills. But first
using flexible wire referred to as ‘memory wire’ is a good place to start.

The name suggests that it has the ability to retain its original shape upon being released. Making memory
wire jewelry is not very difficult. It involves the cutting of an appropriate length of the memory wire,
closing one end of the wire with the help of jewelry making pliers, stringing the gemstone or glass beads,
pearls or crystal beads and closing the other end in the same way. There are many great books that teach
wire wrapping techniques, too.

Another method of wire wrapping involves the use of flexible coated wire which is also colorful. In this method,
the beads, pearls or semi precious stones are strung together and the ends are bound, with the help of a
crimp tool. Instead of using a crimp tool for closing the ends, you could opt for a magnetic jewelry clasp,
to make the jewelry look fashionable and elegant.

In jewelry designing, it is necessary to be patient and practice, before you gain perfection in the art of
making fine handcrafted gem stone jewelry. Creating your own low cost jewelry will not only help in saving
money but will also allow you to derive creative satisfaction from your initiatives. Its a fun way to express
your creativity, and make something of value, too.

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