Is your Subconscious Story Holding you Back? Discover How To Overcome it.

Discover 3 Steps toward your Best Possible Life

Discover 3 Steps toward your Best Possible Life

Pursuit of happiness shows up everywhere in modern life: in our social media feeds, via targeted advertising, and in the endless advice on how to live a fulfilling life. But are we actually getting happier? The evidence suggests, not really. 

The annual World Happiness Report asks respondents to imagine the best possible life for themselves, and rate their current life against their imagined best life on a scale of 1 – 10. The 2022 Report highlighted that there has, on average, been a long-term moderate upward trend in stress, worry, and sadness in most countries, and a decline in the enjoyment of life.  

Particularly striking are the differences between countries, with Finland coming out on top with an average score of 7.8, compared to just 2.4 in the lowest ranking country of Afghanistan. Factors such as war and poverty clearly impact scores, but if we are physically safe, and our basic needs are being met, what can we do to increase our own happiness score?  

Ripple Effect Images’ executive director Liz Bloomfield, who is also a social impact and wellness coach, and grant-winning entrepreneur, is passionate about creating a more just world where everyone thrives. She believes storytelling plays an important role in how we perceive our own happiness.

Bloomfield says, “The happiest people have an aligned internal narrative. The stories they tell themselves each day are consistent with the difference they seek to make in the world.” 

In her work leading  the nonprofit, Ripple Effect Images, Liz guides a world-class team of photographers and filmmakers who are shining a light on solutions empowering women and children globally. 

She also helps purpose-driven people committed to serving others, to increase their positive impact without compromising their own well-being.

When it comes to gauging your own life satisfaction, Liz suggests three steps to ensure your subconscious stories are serving you.

Envision your own happiness story: Start by imagining your best possible life. Not the life of a lottery winner or someone on your Instagram feed. What does your perfect day look like? Is this a life you want to live every day for years to come? If you’ve actually just imagined a vacation, go deeper. What else would you incorporate for this to truly be your best possible life?   

Identify the characters in your story: First, the lead character: you. Imagine the version of yourself that is living this best possible life. How do you feel? How are you showing up each day? Next, consider the supporting characters. Who else is there with you? How are these relationships contributing to your best possible life? And how are you investing in these relationships to ensure they continue to grow?   

Start living your story today: Your happiness story should drive your habits and behaviors on a daily basis, so identify one small step that you can take today toward your imagined best life, and then make it happen.  Perhaps a walk in your local park, calling a special person who you’d like to see more often, or updating your resume. 

Repeat the practice of one small action every day and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your actual life starts to align with your imagined best life 

Too many people tell themselves a happiness story that is set in the future. They think, “I’ll be happy when I get the promotion, am less busy, or lose 10 pounds.”

Bloomfield adds, “If your subconscious story is telling you that happiness can only be found on the beach with zero commitments, you’ll likely waste years of your life languishing at a score of less than 5, and you might just be striving for something that you don’t even want.” 

Check out Liz’s website, to find out more about how she helps people transform their lives by reconnecting with their purpose, supercharging their energy levels, and accelerating their impact. And go to Ripple Effect Images to be inspired by stories of incredible female change makers across the globe.

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