Is Studying Faster More Effective?

When you are in education, it isn’t uncommon to need a good study session now and then. Sometimes, you have a ton to learn and don’t have much time to cram it in. So, is studying faster more effective? Let’s take a look.

Speed For The Sake Of Speed Isn’t Effective

If you are studying quickly just to get it out of the way, then, no, studying quickly is not going to be effective. Speed for the sake of speed is not effective. You need to use the proper learning techniques, or whatever you are learning will fall out of your brain the second it goes in.

You can study quickly, but you need to follow tips for studying faster. We will discuss those more in a short while.

Cramming At The Last Minute Isn’t Effective

At the same time, you have to remember that cramming at the last minute is not effective.

If you are going to be studying, then you need to have as little stress as possible. If you are trying to cram a ton of information in a day or so before an exam, you will fail. It doesn’t work at all.

While you can learn quickly, you need to take regular breaks. If you aren’t taking regular breaks, you are not studying effectively. You will also need to have a bit of time to go over any concepts that you are trying to learn and you can’t quite nail.

We suggest that you give yourself at least 2-3 weeks before an exam to start studying properly. There is barely a person out there who has learned everything they need to at the last minute.

You Can Study Fast Effectively

As we said, you can study fast and effectively, but you must do it properly. You need to have a plan of attack. We hope that these tips will help you out.

Take Regular Breaks

For every hour you are studying, you should take a break of around 10-minutes. If you study for too long, you will tire yourself out. When you are tired, you just aren’t able to absorb anything that you are trying to learn.

Make Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes are so much better than making notes on a computer. Studies have shown that there is much more of a connection with the information when you write it out by hand. When you connect more with the information, you can absorb it more quickly.

So, whenever you go through a core concept, make sure that you write it out physically. Don’t just tap it into the computer or try to remember it. Physically write it down. You only need to write it down in a few words, but it works.

Regularly Change What You Are Studying

If you focus on one concept too long, then you run the risk of burnout. Every hour, we suggest that you switch up what you are studying. So, when you take your ten-minute break, start to think about the next concept or subject you will focus on.

Use Multiple Sources For Your Information

Try to do more than just read information. If you can, find other ways that the information is presented. For example, watch YouTube videos or even listen to audiobooks (if possible in your area of study). Receiving information in multiple forms will prevent burnout which, in turn, will allow you to study more and absorb information far quicker.