Is It Hypocritical For Spiritual People To Get Botox?

There often seems to be an inherent contradiction for those that are religious or spiritual people to even consider a medical procedure such as Botox. It is often seen as a denial of the way that our bodies naturally age, and a negative force against the self-confidence of women. Many women are chastised, either directly or indirectly, for choosing to have a medical procedure that is looked down on in many circles. However, there are many ways that one can view this, and many are coming to realize that it is not hypocritical for spiritual people to have Botox treatment administered.

For a start, there is no definition of what medical treatments should be embraced and which ones should be shunned. If your leg was broken, no one would question or not whether you should accept modern Western medicine, and have the broken leg set so that it could heal properly. However, for some reason people have become more and more critical of those that choose to heal other aspects of their body, including the loss of collagen within their skin. In essence, there is very little difference between breaking a leg and developing wrinkles and lines on one’s face; the only difference is that a broken leg can occur in an instant, whereas our faces will alter slowly over time.

Furthermore, a huge part of being spiritual is the desire to be confident within one’s skin. Many young people will be able to do this almost automatically, and be surprised that others require a little time in which to embrace the way that we are. Just as a person may decide to cut their hair in a certain style because they believe that it accentuates their favorite facial features, and just as a person may decide that a certain style of clothing can show them at their best advantage, a person may realize that a small element of Botox can heighten their self-confidence.

Lastly, reaching for a spiritual balance within one’s life should never be based upon judging other people’s decisions, and stating that one person is making the ‘wrong’ decision with regard to their body. That is not a healthy way to live, because it creates resentment and bitterness between people that is totally unnecessary. If a person wanted to live a truly spiritual life, then the physical concerns of other people should be left by the wayside. Many people make this mistake because they want to help other people make good decisions, and this is very admirable: but advice is very different to judgment, and people should be aware that one can very easily lead into the other.

Stigmatizing Botox injections does not prevent the truth that receiving Botox can be an incredibly healing process for the individual – and their spiritual journey can often be furthered drastically by finally looking on the outside as they feel on in the inside.

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