Is cellulite destroying your confidence? Remove cellulite with Cellfina

What is Cellfina?

For women with orange peel looking lumps and bumps of cellulite, wearing a bathing suit or shorts in public may make them feel self-conscious or embarrassed. But this condition is rather common as around 85% of females will develop cellulite. It is partly because of estrogen, but also since female skin structure is different than that of men. The areas affected at the buttocks and thighs. There the connective band that are woven throughout fat in these areas creates tension in the skin, resulting in to an orange peel appearance. But as female skin is thinner than males, the effects of the fat deposits are clear to see. The cause of why the bands are impacted are unknown, but it could be related to genes and diet. Still, the appearance of the skin looks dimpled and uneven, not youthful and smooth.

A new FDA approved technology is now available to remove this cellulite, and it is called Cellfina. It is a trademarked technology that focus on the targeted are and removes the cellulite. The results can last for more than 2 years.

Cosmetic Procedures

Who is this treatment for?

If you have visible cellulite on your thighs and buttocks then you would be a candidate for this procedure. Also, if you feel uncomfortable about have cellulite and feel the need to cover up, resulting in you feeling uncomfortable, and then this you should be using this treatment to get rid of your cellulite.

But to be able to see results from this procedure you should be within 10 pounds of your normal body weight. If you are heavily overweight, you will not notice any results.

What to except from the procedure

During the hour-long procedure, a doctor may be able to treat, on average, 20 to 30 dimples. After the dimples were marked, a device is used to inject an anesthetic liquid under the skin to numb the treatment area.

The pocks and bumps in the layer of skin that forms the cellulite is disrupted by Cellfina. The technology releases the tension created by cellulite in order to allow the skin to relax to it more smoother and original condition.

The actual procedure is done at your doctors rooms, and can be done in about 60 minutes. This is of naturally depended in the size and severity of the area being treated.

There is no need for surgery or anesthesia.

The area being treated is marked. Some numbing solution will be applied to make it less uncomfortable. A suction device is placed over the area to prepare the area. Then the Cellfina system is applied directly to the area needing the treatment using a small needle like device. This device enters the skin and disrupt the tension creating bands that are found just below the skin surface.

Only one treatment is needed to get the results you want.

After the treatment around 50% of females will need pain medication and to wear a Spanx or a similar compression garment every day for a week following the procedure to minimize the side effects of swelling.

View this video to see the treatment of Cellfina for the treatment of cellulite:

What are the risks and complications?

The Cellfina is an approved FDA system that is designed for the thigh and buttock to removed cellulite by a licensed physician. If that is done, the system should be safe and the risks very low. In fact, during testing there was no reported side effect of the system.

The only issues that you might experience is some soreness, tenderness and bruising where the treatment has occurred. This can happen 3 days after the treatment. And there is chance that you can experience some pain after the treatment. But these effects will fade, normally within 4 weeks. But the results can be visible within 3 days.

Although the system uses a small need-like device, there is no scaring.

That said, there is no real down time. You can return to work after the procedure. But may want to take it easy for up to 24 hours after the procedure.


The results will only be visible after 2 to 3 months. But some cases has reported that they noticed a change in their skin once the swelling and bruising has gone.

This procedure can last for around 2 years before the cellulite starts to return.