Is Brain Enhancement Actually Possible?

The desire to improve one’s memory, focus, concentration and attention to stay ahead of the competition has led us to search for ways to enhance our cognitive abilities via brain enhancing supplements. Although the scientific community finds it difficult to accept that it is possible to enhance the capacity of the brain in a lasting manner, the search for an effective means to do so continues. Traditionally, we have been taught about the benefits of a nutritious diet and regular exercise, and their positive impact on our brain power, but recent years have seen the emergence of a new industry for brain boosters or memory enhancer pills.


So, if we go by the arguments of our ancestors, a good diet comprising of all the necessary nutrients has the ability to enhance our brain power. There is also good evidence from multiple studies that lifestyle modifications can prevent cognitive decline and dementia, besides slowing down existing cognitive decline. The same logic is used by various supplement manufacturers, who incorporate essential vitamins and other natural ingredients to make a nootropic stack that is capable of boosting cognitive ability.


However, with hundreds of supplements available in the market, choosing the right one is difficult. This is where unbiased review sites like Smart Pill Guide can help, bring object information about brain enhancement supplements, their dosage, side effects and ingredients.

Understanding Brain Enhancement

Apart from a healthy lifestyle and a good diet, people resort to brain training games that stimulate cognitive functioning and ensure that a person uses their mind more effectively to solve imaginary problems. But a very important question relating to brain enhancement is, “What does it actually mean to get smarter?” In general, we all have the ability to learn new skills and enhance our knowledge, and then use it solve complex problems. We are also capable of learning some simple tricks to memorize a lot of information. So, does this refer to brain enhancement?


Another query that is common is where brain enhancing supplements actually supercharge a person’s brain and make it function better. What these memory enhancer pills actually do is to aid in the effective functioning of our brain by ensuring regular blood supply and the release of natural hormones. However, excess consumption of these pills or their reaction with some other medicines may result in severe health issues. So, if one has to take brain boosters, it should be done in the right dosage and only after checking with a physician about its possible side effects or reactions with any existing medicines that one may be taking.


According to scientists, brain enhancement is not about improving general intelligence but finding a way of increasing “fluid intelligence,” our underlying capacity to hold information in conscious memory and then manipulate it in order to solve complex problems or come up with new ideas. And achieving this would have huge implications for the world. Fortunately, brain boosters made of natural ingredients can help us improve cognitive functioning, without any harmful side effects.