Is Being A Lawyer Too Stressful?

Every year, millions of people consider pursuing a career as a lawyer. There’s no denying the fact that the legal field is competitive, and attorneys need to be on top of their game at all times. That said, many who are on the fence about entering the field may be asking themselves if being a lawyer is too stressful. While every career has its obstacles and bad days, working with the legal and court systems can be especially challenging. 


Is There Stress Involved in Being a Lawyer?


In short, yes. Being a lawyer can, in fact, be a stressful job. What makes this position more stressful than some others? Well, lawyers are faced every day with tight deadlines, long work days, and complex situations. Depending on the type of law a person practices he or she may have to meet with clients, and there are times when the attorney may have to deliver less than satisfying news. Also, as a lawyer, there are many times when a client’s fate may be in your hands. This can be difficult for most people to handle.


Along with the job comes a variety of stressors. Many attorneys feel that they have little or no time for themselves or their families. They also are faced with demanding workdays and have to constantly be on alert and ready to defend other people’s best interests, even though they may go against their own beliefs. As you can imagine, this can be pretty overwhelming. 


How to Relieve Stress When Working Gets Too Stressful


When an attorney feels that the job has gotten too stressful, there are steps that he or she can take. Schedule some time off for yourself, even if it is just one or two days. Let your office know that you won’t be reachable for this time, and have someone take over your phone and email so that you don’t have anything to worry about while you are away. Take the time to really unplug and reset, making sure to not even have your work email on your phone while you’re away.


Even if taking a few days off is not an option, there are still ways to manage the stress. Find 30 or so minutes per day to take a walk and enjoy the time to yourself. Make a daily fitness routine – starting the day with exercise can have a positive impact on your day. Or, have a nightly ritual, such as a 20-minute relaxing bath before bed that you don’t miss for any reason. These things that you do for yourself might seem small, but they can make a huge difference. Self-care can increase your mindfulness and really help with grounding outside of work.


How Being an Attorney Can Make a Difference


Although it can be stressful, being an attorney can make a difference in people’s lives. First, many lawyers get to fight for justice, which is a great feeling. There is plenty of room for advancement, and you get to make positive changes in many different ways. There are many different kinds of law to specialize in, ranging from domestic cases to federal cases. The type of law you choose to practice can also have a big impact on the stress level of your career.


The Good Side of Being an Attorney


Being a lawyer is a prestigious career, and over the years, it can be extremely fulfilling. Many lawyers earn top salaries, so financial security is definitely one of the more positive aspects of working in the profession. You’ll get to help people in need on a daily basis. In addition, many attorneys who choose to work in a private practice can enjoy flexible hours. Overall, being a lawyer is a great career with many positive aspects. Though there is more stress associated with certain types of law, the sense of acheivement you’ll feel from winning cases will feel even better.