Introduction to The Healing Codes Programs

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Stress is everywhere. It has been pinpointed as the number one trigger for disease and death around the world.

In 2001, Dr. Alex Loyd discovered a self-healing therapy called The Healing Codes which engages users’ physiological control over self-management of stress.

The Healing Codes program offers people everywhere the power to heal themselves of debilitating physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions. With the assistance of Dr. Loyd and other Certified Healing Code Practitioners, individuals can successfully complete the comprehensive practitioner training program and help people heal using energy medicine.

About the Healing Codes

The Healing Codes is a powerful natural healing mechanism that allows people to remove subconscious blocks—or cellular memories—that impede the body’s physiological processes of addressing various forms of stress.

The result is a revolutionary transformation to a balanced state of physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

Benefits of Free Membership to The Healing Codes Program

Heart Shape Made by Two HandsMembers who enroll in the free Healing Codes Program—which they learn about through the free teleseminar—are immediately allowed exclusive benefits. Included is a personal reference chart that members can use to help guide them through their healing process. With this free membership is a Codes timer, as well as access to numerous informative interviews, case studies, and declarations of success by program supporters.

Along with the interactive forum where support and success stories can be shared with other members, users have free access to:

  • a weekly call with Dr. Loyd;
  • a weekly question and answer session with Tom Costello; and
  • access to an informative Ask Dr. Loyd feature.

Three Healing Code Program Options Available

There are three essential programs available for anyone interested in exploring the in-depth experiences associated with The Healing Codes.

The Healing Codes Package offers:

  • the Healing Codes manual;
  • a journal to record personal journeys of self-healing;
  • an informative DVD featuring Dr. Loyd discussing various aspects of the Healing Code; and
  • audios CDs with instruction for the 12 days of Healing Codes.

The Healing Codes Streamlined Package includes:

  • the Healing Codes manual;
  • a DVD featuring Dr. Loyd;
  • access to MP3 files of coaching sessions; and
  • 2 months of email mentoring.

The Healing Codes Digital Package includes:

  • the Healing Codes manual;
  • online video access;
  • PDF copies of the Codes, hints, and FAQs; and
  • access to MP3 files of coaching sessions.

Become a Healing Code Practitioner with Supportive Training

Professional WomanHealing Code practitioners are unique and caring individuals with a passion for helping others discover the powers of transformation. As a logical career step, becoming a Certified Healing Code Practitioner (CHCP) will allow for the first-hand involvement in maximizing the potential and compassion in others. It’s a complementary focus for anyone with knowledge of or interest in psychology or energy medicine.

An informative self-study program is available for people wanting to become a CHCP. Included in this program is mentoring from practitioner coach Tom Costello and access to support from other CHCPs. Upon registration, students will receive a comprehensive training guide and audio CDs, as well as inclusion in a weekly mentoring call.

For experienced complementary therapists, the training can be completed within a few months. For emerging holistic therapists, expect to complete the CHCP training within 9 months.

Becoming a Certified Healing Codes Practitioner is the optimal career direction for those interested in assisting others with this transformative self discovery. It’s also an essential certification for anyone wanting to establish a successful private practice helping others discover the power of healing.

How to Get Started

To get acquainted with the Healing Codes, you can download a free teleseminar that familiarizes you with their various programs.

The Healing Codes Book

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