Self Help for Anxiety, Breathwork and Art Therapy for Personal Growth

How Art Therapy Helped Me – Benefits of Breathwork, Art
Therapies and Self Help Program for Anxiety

I have experienced, first hand, the benefits of art therapy. I participated in a 6-month program of integrative
breathwork. This is a powerful alternative healing modality that is as profound as it is simple.

At the end of each breathwork session, we were encouraged to create a mandala to capture the essence of the
experience. At first, sitting down in front of that blank page I felt a little overwhelmed at the task. I
had just gone through a tremendously powerful and rich spiritual experience but how could I possibly put
that on paper?

We were instructed to just sit with the paper and not try to force anything. Finally, after what seemed a
long time to me, I picked up a crayon and began. Something deep within me took over then and I ended up with
an abstract drawing that somehow captured the most significant information of the experience. It was amazing.

But the most amazing part was when I pulled the old mandalas out years later. I could look at them and still
remember the significant spiritual messages from each breathwork session. The mandalas helped me to give
meaning to the experience in a way that was integrated into my awareness forever.

Creating a mandala can be as simple as reflecting on some meaningful experience and then allowing yourself
the patience until your creative self steps up and grabs a crayon.

There are many wonderful forms of art therapy that can gain their creative beginnings through meditating on
various aspects of nature, such as color and light, sound, and our breath in the case of the workshop I attended.
By seeking alternative therapists in your area you will most likely find something perfect to get your creative
energy moving.

You also might enjoy taking an acting class to gain more movement and self expression. Or perhaps you would
enjoy taking an online art class. When we play, we have so much more energy for life’s challenges and adventures.
Playing is a wonderful self help for anxiety, as well as provides energy to ignite inspiration!