Shamanic Hypnosis Interview with Betsie Poinsett

Alternative Healing Education – Shamanic Hypnosis and The Indigo

Read an interview with Dr. Betsie H. Poinsett, who is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and also adept in Shamanism.

The interview provides insight on working with Indigo children and alternative approaches.

Question: What is the role of hypnotherapy in healing?

Answer: I believe all healing must be done on the mind/body/spirit level.

Hypnotherapy accesses the subconscious
(88% of our mind power – where all the learned patterns are) so that deep permanent changes can take place.

This allows the therapist to get to the root/cause of the issue. Most people come in with what we call a “presenting
complaint” — I’ll go through a recent case – a lady came in to want to know how to lose weight fast with exercise –her “presenting complaint” so
i started asking her questions such as, how long has she been over weight, when was the last time she was at a lower
weight, etc.

It turns out that the real reason she was overweight was because her husband had become impotent. He really didn’t
like overweight women and because she loved him so much she became overweight so that he wouldn’t be tempted to try
to make love with her. Because it hurt her so much to see him try and fail – she was using the extra weight to protect

It is amazing how the subconscious mind tries to help us. I am like a detective – listening to what the client says
and then getting to the real issue. Hypnotherapy allowed this woman to give herself permission to love her husband
and lose the weight by accessing the subconscious to change the erroneous beliefs held there that she had to be overweight
to help her husband. It gave her permission to be slimmer for her own health and well being.

Question: How do you integrate hypnotherapy with shamanic healing?

Answer: My sessions have kind of morphed into being able to regress the client and then taking them to a sacred
circle where I introduce them to their angels and guides. Most people want to experience a Past Life Regression to
find out answers to why things are happening in their lives now.

I have come to understand that this is the lifetime to end karma, therefore, everything we have NOT worked on in
our past lives has been brought right up to this lifetime to be healed. By taking them to the sacred circle, their
angels and guides step in to either tell them what needs to be healed or they show them the lifetime situation that
needs to be healed.

This is a shamanic journey/healing hypnotherapy speeds up the process so that they can access it faster and with
lasting results.

Question: How would you define a shamanic journey? What’s the purpose? How has it been for you, in your own shamanic

Answer: I kind of answered that in the previous question. A shamanic journey is a sacred journey it’s intention
is to hold the energy so that you can find the place within you that needs to be healed. I would say that my shamanic
training triggered old cellular memories in me that released my healing powers. They continue to get stronger and
stronger as I use them.

When I started my training I was looking for a way to help my son little did I realize that I was really helping
myself. (The whole story is in my book, Mothers Who Cry in the Night) I found that in one particular lifetime, my
son, my husband and I all had a curse put on us. I started my training to learn how to end that curse and when we
did, he was allowed to go back to spirit.

However, many other issues would come up – old fears, my relationship with my husband, etc. And each and every time
I would do a shamanic journey to find the root of the problem, I was always taken back to the lifetime where the
curse had started. It has been a constant clearing, clearing, clearing of all those issues using the four directions,
angels, guides and I also rely on the Arch Angels and the Violet Flame of Transmutation.

Question: You work a lot with Indigo children. Can you tell us, what’s different about Indigo children?

Answer: Indigo children have been walking to a difference drummer for years. They seem to have born in waves. Lately,
we have heard about the ones who have come in around 1976 – which is when my son was born. But, really I know I am
one and I was born in 1945. However, I think the last big push of them came in in 1976. They are the system busters
– someone told me that they take No bull sh**! Truth is their foundation.

They see auras around people (the term Indigo started when a psychologist was working on a lot of these kids and
saw an Indigo color in the auras around them) they see angels, many of them see UFO’s. One of them told me that when
he wrote music he didn’t see notes – he saw colors that he put together that turn into songs. Fascinating. They can
look at a person and know if they are telling the truth or not. This is why most of them drop out of school – they
have no respect for their teachers or adults who are two-faced – not of integrity. They see right through them and
then say “I’m out of here” – most of my work is doing hypnotherapy sessions on them so that they can get
their GED.

Every one of them has scored the highest in the State (Georgia) when they took the test. These kids are brilliant.
Some of them only eat white food – macaroni, rice, etc. It drives their parents crazy. Actually, I have more problems
with the parents than with the kids. Which brings me to the most important issue – the indigo children are here to
make changes – to help us respond from our hearts, to love each other, honor each other. If they are around people
who need to Change they will push every button to give them the opportunity to do that.

However, in our society this causes problems because parents/teachers think they should be respected and children
should be “seen and not heard” – I believe the Indigos should be heard and that the parents should be learning
from the children. The Indigos have paved the way for the new generations that are being born now – some call them
the Crystal Children – they are able to make changes in a more peaceful loving manner, but that is only because the
Indigos had to bust up the systems first.

Question: What is your goal as a healer, for those who come to you for your assistance?

Answer: My goal as a healer is to help remove any blocks that are holding people back
from being the unlimited human potential that they deserve to be.

This alternative healing interview is with Betsie
Poinsett, of

Rev. Dr. Betsie H. Poinsett is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, adept
in Shamanism and also an author. In her practice she combines Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Ceremony, Flower Essences,
Pendulum and Dowsing Instructions, and Chakra Balancing depending on her clients needs. Her sessions create
a sacred space for her clients to feel safe enough to explore their inner world on a deeper level.

Dr. Poinsett’s only child, Bennett, died in 1997. Her book, “Mothers Who Cry in the Night,” was a response
to the times she would wake up during the middle of the night feeling helpless that son’s was losing control and
spiraling in a very negative direction. At that time the only thing she felt she could do in those wee dark hours
was to sit at her computer and wrote to relieve her fears.

As the reader followers the account of her experiences they are taken through her long and lonely nights and
the incredible strategies she turned to to turn her out of control feelings around. The book is inspiration for
rebuilding faith, and recognizing that God which is Love provide a strong foundation
to return to when encountering the dark night of the soul.