Healing With Spiritual Integrity: Tips for New Reiki Healers

Reiki Energy Healing: Working With Integrity

Working with Spiritual Integrity – Healing Tips for New Healers, Alternative Healing with Spiritual Integrity

Reiki Energy: Healing With Integrity

The most important aspects of working as a healer are spiritual integrity, the ability to be a clear channel, and
the release of ego. For those who began to work as healers for the first time around 1997 or early 1998, you’ve been
working in highly accelerated energies from the Get-Go. These tips may be helpful:

1. Always get permission. The only person you have authority to change is yourself. You must respect the boundaries
of those who seek your help, even if it means leaving them with their pain and or illness. Sometimes, healing is
a very gradual process. A person’s level of faith and trust will vary, and must be respected.

Getting permission doesn’t necessarily mean asking out loud. In fact, most times the question is posed on the inner
planes. And the response is judged by resistance or lack of resistance.

In particular, if God calls you to service in the Inner Child area, building trust is paramount and may require
working with someone many times before any significant shift occurs. When you sense a wall or boundary, ask the body
to release.

If there continues to be resistance, hold still and send your acceptance. Ask again. If there is repeated resistance
to release, it is my firm opinion that you must allow the person to keep the pain, cellular memory, illness, etc.

2. Release the ego. At the point where you clearly see imbalance but cannot secure permission to facilitate release,
the ego often struggles. Know that your personality self does nothing. It is The Highest Self-Spirit moving through
the little self that creates healing.

Godforce energy can transform even terminally diseased tissue to perfect health in the twinkling of an eye. There
are no limits to that energy. Therefore, understand that there is no failure. The person you work with must decide
to heal. Until then, you offer the energy but allow them to set the pace.

3. Insist on Co-Creative healing. Choose not to work with anyone who is unwilling to be an active participant in
their own healing. It is not the healer’s place to take away a person’s physical lessons. The physical body is a
subtle, multifaceted signaling device every illness, accident, and emotional disturbance is like a warning light
within the body human.

If you, as a healer, take away the symptoms without generating awareness of the cause, the person will most likely
experience only temporary relief and the condition will reappear. Refuse to be in the aspirin business, unless you
want to see the same people over and over, for years, and perhaps never assist them in any permanent healing or progressive

4. Keep yourself grounded and connected to Source. Beginning healers commonly experience a period of challenge associated
with taking on the feelings, pain or symptoms of the person with whom they have just worked. For example, you might
work with someone who has a migraine headache and notice that your own head hurts for hours afterwards. I call this “Temporary
Sensory Transference,” and there are several reasons it may occur:

a. Personal blocks: Nothing can attach to you, or cause any adverse reaction, unless you have a similar block within
your own body. Because none of us walk in total balance at all times, it is always possible to be enough out of balance
in some aspect that you are unable to allow the releases of the other person to flow through your physical frame
without the energy attaching to (and magnifying) your own struggle. It is never the other person’s fault, but your
responsibility, and it is always an opportunity for you to heal something within yourself. However, it is never a
good idea to work with another if you know you are in a strong personal state of imbalance.

b. Lack of grounding: The Earth has a vibrational energy that “Grounds” the physical body, but it is sometimes
necessary to make conscious effort, to maintain that connection. When working in the higher energies, you must remember
that you still have a third-dimensional form to consider. If you don’t ground the energies, they can stay in your

c. Taking up the cross: As Spirit Workers, we can make the conscious choice to bear part of another’s physical burden
for a time, in our own bodies. It is an act of compassionate empathy. It is similar to the story in the bible, where
Christ falls down under the weight of his cross. A man is taken from the crowd, to carry the cross for a time.

Sometimes, we take up the cross of another, until they are able to bear it again. My soulmate, Mac, brought my
attention to this story. I’d like to thank him for sharing his insights about it. Understand that there is a difference
between taking up the cross for someone and deciding to keep it. The purpose is to lighten the burden just long enough
for them to reach that point of death/rebirth, as them man did for Christ. It is still their cross.

d. Absence of Source connection: This is another area where ego causes problems. Odd as it seems, you may forget
that you have access to unlimited Godforce energy. The nervous personality self may feel as if it’s all up to you.
If you attempt to heal another, utilizing only your mind or your own devices, you will exhaust yourself within three

Always remember that you are not alone. Set your intent to give yourself over to Spirit, being guided moment to
moment and trusting the guidance implicitly. For those who are overly analytical (I fit this category and speak from
personal experience), it may be difficult to act without knowing exactly what is being done.

Sometimes, you will have no idea what is happening at a cellular level, with the partner-in-healing on your table.
You’ll be asked to work by faith, and some of the things you are prompted to say may make no sense to your logical
mind. Yet, they will be the words the other person most needs to hear. Let the energy flow through, without editing
or control.

There is a simple exercise for grounding and connecting to Source, that I utilize in my work as a healer. I envision
roots growing out of the soles of both feet and extending down into the Earth. I allow the roots to grow downward,
until I feel them hit the Earth’s core. I can actually hear the sound, as the roots hit center. Then, I invite that
energy up through my body and out my crown toward the sky. I allow the energy to flow until I feel it reach Universal
Godforce. For me, this is usually signified by a brilliant burst of sunlight. Finally, I allow that energy to work
it’s way down through my body, mingling with the Earth energies to a point of balance. Then, I know myself to be
a clear channel for Spirit.

5. Require an exchange: It is admirable to have so open and giving a nature that you want to do all your healing
work without the consideration of any remuneration. Always be willing to work with those who cannot afford to make
any offering. Turn not away those who are in financial straits. However, in the ebb and flow of all nature there
is an important truth when energy goes out, energy must return.

If you want to test this, just exhale for a few minutes without inhaling. Require an exchange from those with whom
you work. This enables them to feel as if they are contributing and generates the flow of return energy to complete
the cycle. The exchange does not have to be money, though money is the most common exchange and very important to
include. Other possibilities include freshly canned vegetables, wild-crafted herbs, massages, flowers, hand-made
gifts, books, or specific prayer focus on your behalf, etc. Everyone has something to give, even if it’s only a big
hug. An offering of tobacco is traditional, in the Native-American way. Jesus said not to cast pearls before swine.

He instructed his disciples to shake the dust off their feet, and walk away from situations where they were not
honored. A workman is worthy of his hire. If someone has asked you to help them, they have hired you and should honor
the dedication of your time on their behalf. This is not paying for God’s gift of healing, which is freely given.
This is honoring the time of the workman. There is a difference. In the “Old Days,” healers and medicine
workers were supported by society.

Those days may return but, for now, most healers who make themselves available full time need financial assistance.
You will probably be no exception to this Third-Dimension rule. Of course, each healer must follow their own discernment
and some are strongly convicted that there should be no exchange required. If this is your strong conviction then,
of course, you should honor that path for yourself.

6. Respect the fire: Awakening the kundalini is a vital part of healing the whole person. When we have our sexuality,
sensuality and or creative passions closed down, we are only half alive. At some point in your work with others,
the healing of sexual issues will “Rear it’s ugly Head,” pun intended. It is necessary to approach this
area of healing work with the utmost clarity and care.

When in an altered state, it is quite easy for someone who has been sexually repressed to mistake the opening of
the kundalini as a sexual attraction for the healer and, if the person is emotionally unbalanced to any severe degree,
it can even feel as if it is being initiated by the healer, sexually, and directed toward them. It is vital to allow
the energy to flow and, at the same time, be alert enough to slow the process when needed. This gives the person
time to recognize that the change is organic and not just a feeling associated with the person who is working with
them. The idea is to encourage healthy flow of sexual energies without unhealthy transference of misdirected passions
toward the healer.

I have seen people try to deal with kundalini that has been rapidly awakened,it is very difficult. I am of the
feeling that our challenges are numerous enough without adding the unnecessary energies of a Run-Away sexual drive.
The serpent must be wakened, I understand. I only caution you to go gently and slowly. I definitely do not recommend
using sex to heal sexual issues. I believe this practice increases the chances of unhealthy transference quite a
lot, and in cases where there has been sexual abuse, feel it has the potential to be more damaging than the initial
trauma. Every psychologist knows the danger of intimate involvement with someone when entrusted with that person’s
mental and emotional welfare. You can be no less aware, when working as a spiritual healer in the area of the base
and second chakras.

Having said that, I will also say that almost everyone I’ve worked with needed sexual healing. Working with a counselor
with high integrity does not mean that these cellular memories cannot be addressed for they certainly must be. It
only means that they do not require the actual introduction of physical, sexual interaction between counselor and
client, to be resolved. I also believe that oftentimes healing sexual issues can be accelerated when we are able
to be in relationship with a lover who has understanding of healing in those areas. However, I will say again that
to establish a physical relationship for the sole purpose of reaching those issues is putting the cart before the
horse, in my opinion, and has great potential to be harmful.

This information partially excerpted from Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook.

On Becoming a Kundalini Reiki Master

The Kundalini is nothing to mess around with and awakening your Kundalini energies before you are fully ready for
that to happen can create some very challenging times. Search your Spirit before taking any type of course, or working
with any healer who awakens Kundalini.

In Kundalini Reiki you can receive attunements to open and strengthen the energy
channels of your body, enabling the healing waves of Reiki energy to flow through you and cleanse your body from
energy blockages. At the same time, your Kundalini (the powerful creative force in the human body, which lies dormant
in most people at the base of their spine) can be awakened safely and your Reiki channeling abilities greatly improved.

Kundalini Reiki is not only a powerful tool for energetic healing: this combination of Kundalini and Reiki energy
will also work in synergy to promote your spiritual healing and spiritual evolution towards enlightenment.

There are no Pre-Requisites for studying Kundalini Reiki. By safely experiencing and learning about hands-on
treatments you can give Reiki to another person and send Long-Distance healing, or practice methods for self-healing.

Reiki, meaning “universal life energy,” is a form of energy healing which
is increasingly becoming recognized for its ability to heal on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)
and promote total holistic well-being.

Polarity Therapy, an Alternative Healing Modality

I became very interested in polarity therapy after having a session in California, many moons ago.

What I sensed during the session was a sort of profound balancing to the two halves of my body. I know each session
is different but for me, it was very definitely right brain/left brain balancing with the body following.

I felt very different after that first session, just balanced. That’s the best word. I’ve also had sessions that
included very strong connections with those on other realms but that may have had more to do with the particular
therapist I was with at the time, our soul connection, and my own issues at the time.

I don’t know whether that is a common thing in polarity therapy but it happened once for me that way.

By definition, according to those who teach it, polarity bodywork is very gentle and painless and Polarity verbal
communication is Non-Directive with the intention of helping a client become aware of his or her process.

A Polarity practitioner may also recommend simple nutritional changes and or exercises to support the energy balancing.
Polarity session times vary based on the issue being addressed. Clients are asked to wear loose fitting cotton clothing.

The number of sessions a client receives is based on individual needs and progress. Most Polarity clients have
sessions every week or every other week. However different client’s require different interventions.

Learn More About Polarity Therapy