Medicinal Herbs: Learn How to Make Natural Infused Herbal Oils

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Herbal infused oil is a natural product that can be easily made from home with simple ingredients and common household items.

Herbal infused oil has many applications: as a massage oil, moisturizer, or bath oil; as a base for healing salves, ointments, or creams; and even for cooking.

This natural herbal and holistic product can be easily personalized by incorporating different organic herbs.

The Basics for Making Herbal Infused Oil

Herbal infused oils are made by steeping fresh or dried herbs and flowers in an oil. The fat soluble components and the volatile oils of the herbs are leeched out the plants and into the oil, resulting in a therapeutic lubricant.

Depending on what the herbal infused oil will be used for, different base or carrier oils can be used: olive, almond, grape seed, jojoba, or coconut to name a few.

Herbal infused oil can last for up to a year if stored in a cool, dark place. A bottle may be stored in a first aid kit to be applied topically when needed, or used as an ingredient in making lip balm, healing salve, or cream.

Starting with Beneficial Healing Herbs

Three Dried HerbsHerbal infused oil can be made with many types of herbs. For example, preparing calendula oil from dried calendula flowers is great as a base for lip balm because of calendula’s soothing, moisturizing, and cooling properties.

Comfrey leaf infused oil is good for its medicinal aspects. Comfrey leaf itself is known for healing wound and skin problems.

Red clover, Echinacea, elderflower, sage, lavender, and peppermint are other appropriate choices of herbs for infusing oil.

How to Make Herbal Infused Oil

Mountain Rose Herbs and have partnered together and produced an instructional video series designed to educate viewers on the benefits of herbal products, and demonstrating their uses and easy to follow instructions on how to make them.

Herbal Basics: Herbal Infused Oils gives the audience a step-by-step guide on how to make herbal infused oil, including offering helpful background information on choosing herbs for your oils and what type of oil works best depending on their intended use.

Herbs have many therapeutic properties to them, and by learning which herbs are suitable for which use, great joy can be achieved when exploring the world of herbal products.

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Video Tips on Making Natural Healing Oils

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