Improve Your Overall Body Function With These Two Things

When pursuing your health and wellness, there is no end to the number of products, personalities, and routines that claim to have the secret formula. Health and wellness have become very popular and lifestyles that people passionately pursue. While there are a lot of benefits when it comes to the massive amount of information available regarding a health-focused lifestyle, the downside is that it can seem overwhelming. 


With so many different voices all claiming to have the best method, product, or lifestyle, it can be easy to forget that health and wellness look different from person to person. Every person’s health journey will be unique because every person has an individual body. No two people will have the same results; you should never forget that when trying to improve your overall body function and health wellness.

What Does Improving Body Function Mean?

One exciting aspect of a person’s health journey is finding ways to improve body function. In a hyper-visualized culture, sometimes health and wellness can be thought of as trying to attain a particular physique from the gym. While some health enthusiasts may have the capacity and training to work toward specific physical outcomes, this isn’t an ideal method of pursuing health for everyone. Instead, body function is a much more accurate barometer of what can be considered healthy and more achievable for those who may feel overwhelmed by health culture.  


Functional body health can help people create plans of action to take their health back into their own hands, whether working on joint health, heart health, or finding ways of getting better sleep. Improving the overall function of your body is something that anyone can begin to do, no matter how physically ‘fit’ they may or may not be.


If you have been wondering how to improve your overall body function, here are some great tools to help you do that! 

1.  Collagen Products

When it comes to supplements that can help with whole-body function, collagen is one of the first things you want to look into. Collagen plays a vital role in the human body and is the main structural protein in connective tissue. The body naturally produces collagen. However, it decreases its production over time. This is a large part of what happens to a person’s joints as they age and start to lose function and strength.


The good news is that while the human body may produce less collagen as it ages, there are ways of taking it in through diet to keep your collagen levels up. Because collagen is primarily found in bones and connective tissue, it’s mainly sourced from animal products like bone broth. However, there are viable vegan collagen sources that are very effective. 


Another incredible thing about using collagen is that it can come in so many different factors. You can take it through meals or supplementally through pills or powders that you can put in smoothies. You can also find collagen jells and creams used topically or even vegan collagen beauty products. 


Collagen has been shown to help support joint and bone health and create younger, more vibrant, and stronger skin. Collagen is also thought to help with improved sleep, cognitive function, and even weight loss. So whether you use vegan collagen beauty products or put supplemental collagen powder in your post-workout smoothie, collagen can be a great addition to your health routine. 

2. Healthy Electrolytes

If you have been pursuing your health and wellness for any time, you have doubtless had the importance of hydration drilled into you. While staying adequately hydrated is a very important and foundational aspect of pursuing your best health, this doesn’t just mean guzzling water all day. 


When the body loses fluid, like sweating during a workout, water is only part of what the body needs replaced. Electrolytes are an essential part of human biology and something that a lot of people don’t think about. While drinking water throughout the day is essential, replacing valuable electrolytes improves your overall body function. 


Electrolytes can help you feel hydrated, nourished, and even energized. These essential vitamins, minerals, and ions help the body usually run and must be replenished anytime the body experiences fluid loss.


Finding out how to pursue your best health and wellness is a journey that will have an incredibly high ROI. The most important thing to remember is that your journey will look unique. So finding the right kinds of supplements and tools to get you the results you want might take some trial and error. 

While things like a healthy, balanced diet, good sleep, and adequate exercise are important, adding whole-body supplements like collagen and electrolytes can go a long way.