Holistic Health Flu Prevention Tips

Flu Prevention Tips: Keep From Getting Sick During Cold and
Flu Season

We’ve never been a big fan of vaccinations.

From my study of homeopathy, vaccinations simply suppress a problem,
drive it into the system, and allow it to resurface later in a more serious way.

It seems a far more effective route
is to strengthen the immune system, our body’s own natural defense mechanism for warding off illness.

However, each cold and flu season millions of people make the choice to take flu shots. We understand the concern,
particularly among the elderly. It is important to remember that even with a flu shot, you can still catch the flu.

the flu shot itself can cause flu-like symptoms for a while after taking the shot. Whether or not you take a flu
shot to help protect yourself, these helpful flu prevention tips can keep you more protected from flu viruses during
colds and flu season.

Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Wash your hands more often. Washing your hands in an antibacterial soap throughout the day can help protect you
    from germs. In addition, avoid touching your hands to your nose, ears or mouth (especially when out in crowded
    places) to minimize the potential entry of bacteria from your hands to your body.
  2. Never be without hand sanitizer. Keep a small bottle of antibacterial
    hand sanitizer in your purse or pocket. Remember to use it before and after touching items that other people have
    touched such as elevator buttons, shopping carts, stair railings and door handles. This is particularly important
    during the holiday season because every potential gift that you look at in the mall has been touched by many people
    and some of them may have the flu.
  3. Use essential oils. Most essential oils are both antiviral and antibacterial. Before going out into any crowded
    area, dilute an essential oil such as peppermint, tea tree oil, or lavender with a little bit of olive oil and
    massage the mixture all around the outside of your ears and down the sides of your throat. Also dab a little under
    your nose. If you use peppermint, be careful to dilute it or it will sting. I believe we contract most colds and
    flu through the ears when airborne bacteria land on them. The essential oils will provide a temporary barrier that
    I feel reduces that risk.
  4. Add a daily energy drink to your wintertime breakfast menu. Simply adding an energy drink that is high in Vitamin
    C and other immune-boosting ingredients will help your immune system to function at a higher level during cold
    and flu season. I use Effer-C.
  5. Exercise more in the wintertime. Exercise increases circulation and helps the body move toxins. Exercise also
    benefits immune system function. Most people slow down in the winter, not wanting to get out in the cold, but if
    you can increase your exercise during the winter months, you’ll be adding protections against colds and flu.
  6. Reduce or eliminate refined sugar. We have long known that refined sugar is pretty much a poison. While the human
    body can process a little poison on occasion with no health impact, eating high amounts of refined sugar foods
    can significantly impair your immune function. Obviously, this is not desired during the time of year that your
    immune function needs to be at its highest. So, even if you won’t give up refined sugar altogether, reducing it
    during the winter months can help keep you and your children healthier.

Here’s Info on A Healthy Sugar Substitute

Does Chicken Soup Really Help?

So what about chicken soup? It may soothe a sore throat, unstuff
clogged passageways, and hydrate a thirsty body. At the very least, according to Iacuzio, “It’s good TLC. Psychologically,
that’s important when you’re sick.” Excerpted from an article originally appearing in the October 1996 FDA Consumer.

that time, I’ve read that someone, somewhere, has discovered something in chicken broth that may actually have
an effect on colds and flu. We say if it helps,
and doesn’t hurt, just do what works for you. Perhaps the salt and tryptophan help in cases of sore throat and the
need to rest, which certainly can make it a comfort food!