Human Growth Hormone Supplements: Safety of HGH Patches

Patch on Man's Arm

As baby boomers age, anti-aging supplements are becoming one of the most researched areas in medicine, along with the development of scientific advancement for fighting disease.

HGH side effects, supplements, and information on injections are among some of the top searches on the topic of human growth hormone.

Some companies are also offering patches as delivery devices. The following answer provided by Dr. Leia offers important information on the use of HGH, and with her direction she offers one reliable source she works with directly.

Effectiveness of HGH Patches

Question for Dr. Leia: Have you heard about or looked into the safety or efficacy of a new HGH patch available from HBC Protocols in California?

They claim to be able to deliver somatotrophin through the skin at what appears to be large dosages, and I wonder if this is possible and safe.

Patch on Man's ArmDr. Leia’s Answer: I hadn’t heard about HBC Protocols until you mentioned this company and product. Their website uses graphics which seem to appeal to the glamor of a gorgeous body.

Upon perusing their website, they list the ingredients to be homeopathic, specifically 6x potency. Homeopathic remedies are diluted medicines which contain no physical evidence of any of the original substance in it.

Homeopathics work fine for some people but not for others. Usually, if the product does not work, there is little or no harm or side effects from homeopathic medicines.

If you read the website ingredients more carefully, you will see that they mention high doses of somatotrophin, however, the final product is not this high dose, but the homeopathic dose of this original substance.

It is questionable what the original product they call somatotrophin in their patches really is. Real HGH, which is administered via injection, is closely restricted and highly regulated, and is not available over the counter to the public.

Even for medical doctors, HGH or human growth hormone, is not always available without strict compliance and monitoring. Injectable HGH has risky side effects associated with it.

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Homeopathic HGH SubLinguals

Syringe Drawing From VialsThere are many forms of HGH-like substances available over the counter including homeopathic sublinguals, patches similar to this one, and pills.

The efficacy of the product depends upon the mode of delivery and the combination of precursor substances used. Precursor substances are not truly HGH, but substances which stimulate the body to produce its own hormones. Amino acids, melatonin, and homeopathic substances have been used in HGH products.

Usually, I recommend that the person obtain a blood test called IGF-1 or Human Growth-like Hormone to ascertain the levels present in the body before embarking on an HGH stimulating substance.

It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, or anyone who has had cancer or is at high risk for cancer. With this said, there is one company that I endorse, and this company is Orenda. However, it is important to work with a licensed health professional or anti-aging specialist when attempting to substitute or replace hormones in the body.

I hope that this helps you to discern the difference between the facts and hype about HGH.