How To Work Out Your Breathing

How To Work Out Your Breathing

Breathing exercises have been around for a long time, and many people swear on their effectiveness. Science Daily mentions a recent study from the University of Colorado at Boulder that claims that a 5-minute breathing workout could be as effective as aerobic exercise in managing circulatory problems. The breathing exercise was based on Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training (IMST). IMST is a breathing strategy that has been used for therapy for critically ill patients suffering from acute respiratory diseases. The study sought to prove that respiration through IMST could be as effective as aerobic exercise in getting one’s blood flow sorted out. It turns out that this breathing methodology can even help those of us who aren’t suffering from intense respiratory illnesses.

Typically Used in Low-Resistance Settings

Because of how sensitive the tissues of patients can be, in their regular use, IMST strategies are done over a period of thirty minutes. Additionally, the procedure uses a low-resistance approach, helping the patients build up their respiratory systems over time. The team at the university opted for a different approach. During the study, they implemented a high-resistance procedure over a much shorter duration to improve blood circulation. The tests were carried out on 36 adults aged between 50 and 79. The patients had high systolic blood pressure but were otherwise healthy.

Results Are Promising

The test was carried out over six weeks, and at the end of it, the patients showed a distinct improvement in their blood pressure. Tests concluded that the participants showed a sharp decline in their systolic blood pressure, suggesting that the breathing exercises helped them manage their circulation. Surprisingly, the results were better than the benefits typically received from walking thirty minutes a day over the same six-week period. Most interesting was that further tests conducted six weeks after the end of the trial showed that the improvement was still present. This long-term result suggests that the treatment caused a lasting change to the patients’ cardiovascular system.

Managing Blood Pressure Without Drugs?

At present, this study shows good promise for a method of treating high blood pressure that doesn’t rely on pharmaceuticals. With many individuals concerned about the impact pharmaceuticals can have on their bodies, this alternative treatment might be worth looking into. However, it is essential to remember that the study has only given us preliminary results over a small sample size. The results may be promising, but it will be a while before these results can be verified and a new treatment method comes out of the experiment.

The team involved in the study sees the results are helpful and suggest that the breathing methodology may be beneficial for post-menopausal women as well. Previous studies have shown that the vascular health of post-menopausal women doesn’t see the same benefits as men from aerobic exercise. This alternative might be exactly what those women need to maintain their circulatory health as they age. Those who spend our time online searching for a local SEO service to help our business may also benefit. This breathing method might help sedentary individuals maintain their vascular health as well.