How to use Depo-testosterone

It is dangerous to use Depo-Testosterone and we do not approve this therapy.

In order to save your time and money spent on visiting the specialist or clinic for testosterone treatment consultation, we offer here the instructions on the usage of Depo-Testosterone for Low Testosterone therapy. It is silly to waste time in the waiting room of a doctor if you can prepare and make Depo-Testosterone injections yourself. The procedure is rather easy and we will explain it step by step.

Our explanations on the usage of Depo-Testosterone will ease doctor’s instructions in case you are away from home. It not necessary to postpone your business trip or holiday because of testosterone therapy. Learning how to determine the necessary Depo-Testosterone dose, guarantees you positive results and benefits of the treatment.

It is rater easy to administer Depo-Testosterone. Just consult your doctor about the best choice of the place for injections, whether on the gluteal or the thigh muscles. Even if it might feel daunting at first, when you give yourself a testosterone injection, you will realise that it is fast and straightforward.

Necessary Supplies for Depo-Testosterone administration

Before giving yourself a Depo-Testosterone injection, you should prepare the supplies needed. On the contrary to other companies that sell you only the medicine and you need and leave you to purchase the rest yourself, Wellness MGT corp, supplies you with the applicable items together with the medicine delivered to you from the US licensed pharmacy that you have chosen to fill your prescription.

These are the necessary supplies for Depo-Testosterone administration:

  • Phial of Depo-Testosterone taken from the fridge 20-30 minutes before the injection.
  • One IM needle for the syringe.
  • Disposable squirt with an 18 G needle to fill the squirt with the medicine
  • Sharps container for the disposal of the needles
  • 2-3 alcohol prep swabs or wipes

Once you have received the supplies, you can start preparing for the injection.

Preparation for Depo-Testosterone administration

While preparing for the injection you should start with inspecting the medication phial. Check the expiration date and be sure in the absence of any crystals or particles in the phial. If something is wrong or the medicine is discolored, contact your doctor or take another phial.

Start the procedure with washing your hands with soap and water. To prepare the dose, follow these steps:

  • Uncap the Depo-Testosterone phial.
  • Open an alcohol swab and wipe the rubber stopper. Let it dry.
  • Take a new squirt and check its condition.
  • Unwrap the 18 G needle, putting the cover aside for future.
  • Pull the plunger back, filling the squirt with air for Depo-Testosterone that you will take from the phial.
  • Hold the phial safely on a flat surface and put the needle tip straight down into the middle of the rubber stopper.
  • Push in the plunger, letting the air into the phial.
  • Keeping the needle inside the phial, invert the phial upside down to cover the needle tip with Depo-Testosterone.
  • Pull the plunger out slowly, filling the squirt with the fluid- you will need a couple of seconds as Depo-Testosterone is thick. Take a little more than the dose you need.
  • Remove the air bubbles before taking out the needle from the phial – tap the squirt gently to make them to the top, pushing in the plunger until they are out of the squirt and remove any extra fluid that is above the desired dose.
  • Take out the needle from the phial and put the Depo-Testosterone on the counter.
  • Recap the needle 18 G and remove it from the squirt, discarding it in Sharps container.
  • Take a new IM needle and put it on the squirt capped.
  • Put the cap back on the Depo-Testosterone phial and place it into the fridge.

Now, you are ready for the injection.

Giving a Depo-Testosterone injection

As soon as you have prepared the squirt for the testosterone injection using the instructions in the previous section, it is time to see how easy it is to get a Depo-Testosterone shot. You have already discussed the place of the injection with your doctor and made the decision between the high or gluteal muscles. As you will most likely have to make Depo-Testosterone injections once in 10-14 days, there is no need to worry as to the possible soreness or irritation from the shots in the same place. Just change the sides to use each spot once a month.

Depo-Testosterone shot in the thigh muscle:

Divide the thigh into 3 equal parts visually and select the outer part of the middle third portion for the shot.

Depo-Testosterone shot in the gluteal:

Divide the buttocks into 4 equal parts with 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom, choose the upper outer part for the short.

Depo-Testosterone injection procedure:

  • Clean the site of the injection with a new alcohol swap and let it dry.
  • Make your fingers, thumb V-shaped over the skin around the injection area, and insert the IM needle quickly and firmly at 90 degrees.
  • Put away your hand and fingers from the skin.
  • Be sure that there is no blood in the needle by pulling the plunge back a little. In case of blood, remove the needle and prepare a new dosage with new supplies.
  • Continue the injection if there is no blood pushing the plunger in until all of the fluid has moved into the muscle.
  • After this, put away the needle and replace the cap, discarding the whole unit in the Sharps container.
  • Keep a new alcohol wipe over the injection area. Press it to stop the blood. If you wish, you can put a bandage.

Wellness MGT corp. is ready to answer any questions about Depo-Testosterone injections over the phone. You can learn more about hormone replacement treatment options for free if you call it.