How to lose weight permanently

Take your time with diets


If you have decided to lose weight, take your time before you start any restrictive diet – starvation, semi-starvation, abstaining from eating certain kinds of food according to the types of substances, etc. These diets cause stress on the body and its response is reverse to the weight loss.



Assuming the threat of hunger, the body is aiming at storing up reserves, slows down the metabolism. The stressful changes in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, affect negatively the entire body – from the cellular level to tissues and organs. In the end, with the ill-considered diets, you can lose mostly а kilogram or so, temporarily, that you will quickly re-gain, and you are putting your health at risk.

The weight loss process, you have to do so, that the body can receive all the necessary substances. This applies especially to the fats and carbohydrates, as they are the “usual suspects” for weight gain and people incorrectly exclude them completely from their menu. The carbohydrates are an important source of energy; they nourish the brain cells. The fats are a part of the cellular structures and participate in the transmission of the nerve impulses. So, the diet must be balanced and the food – delicious; to exclude only the excessive amount of food, which is not needed for the body energy,  and comes as a surplus. Even, the principle is not so much to restrict the energy supply through food, but rather, that the waste of energy through physical activities should exceed the energy supply through food. What the diet should be and with what physical activities it should be combined, has to be specified in the specialized clinics. Diet regime and the regime for physical activities should be administered individually – complied both with the age and sex, and with the individual characteristics, the general health status, and any specific diseases eventually. That is why, in the Weight loss Clinic ‘Lucky Fit’ for example, the course is carried out after a medical examination and under a constant medical supervision. Under specialistsguidance, 6 % of the weight can be lost in a week’s period and up to 8 % – for a period of two weeks, and if the advice is followed in the long-term plan, within a year, one can reduce his weight by up to 30 % and can maintain the desired weight without difficulties.


Why we should trust the specialists.


The correct weight-loss diet includes low-fat meat, vegetarian dishes, vegetables and vegetable soups, fruit – fresh and dried, fresh juices, zeolite powder, nuts, detox broths, live water, and etc. The regime must be ‘rhythmical’ – three main meals with intermediate snacks, and an early dinner before 7:00 pm.



Physical load also must be diverse, as well as entertaining – aerobic and remedial gymnastics, dances, exercises and games in the pool, walks and passing various terrains, like road surfaces and slopes, horse-riding, etc. The overall day routine in the specialized clinics is made according to the individual needs and capabilities of the participants in the programs. For each participant, this is assessed by doctors, in a team with the diet-and-nutrition experts, instructors, and coaches. So, the weight loss course in the specialized clinics is an entertainment and relaxation holiday. In addition to the obvious waist shrinking, an anti-stress effect is achieved, like detoxification, increased metabolism and stamina, and an enhanced general tone. Not less significant is the long-term benefit – the participants are given a model of proper dietary and physical habits, by which they can keep fit, without regaining the weight.


Use the small tricks.


If, for any reason, you cannot alternate various physical activities, use the small tricks in the everyday life. Take your pet to walk; walk to work or to the remote station; climb the stairs instead of using the lift; during the lunch break, go out and walk around the area; organize your kitchen, so that there is no food in visible places; do not eat among other things – in front of the PC, TV, or at meeting “for coffee”, because like that you will not be aware when you are overfeeding.