How to Look and Feel Your Best in the New Year

As the new year rolls in, we all say we want to look and feel our best. But for many of us in years past, this has been more of a fleeting idea than a reality. And don’t feel too bad, as this is the reality for most people. Recent surveys show that only eight percent of new year resolutions are achieved.

Everyone wants a new and improved version of themselves. So why has it always been so challenging to resolve a better self a reality in the past? You may not have had the right products or action points to make this a reality.

That is why we are here to help you make 2022 your year! We have rounded up all the top brands and products designed to help you feel and look your best this year.

After most of us spending way too much time at home the past two years in our sweats and no make-up on, now is the time to re-vamp your external look, make wellness commitments, and take the proper steps towards making this year all about you.

Here are all the top ways to look and feel your best—from style guides to wellness initiatives.

Splurge on Accessories

You don’t have to have every outfit you see on Instagram or TikTok to enhance your look. It takes some quality accessories to give your classic white t-shirt over a dozen different looks. The realm of accessories is quite extensive—from watches, earrings, headbands, hair clips, necklaces, and rings, your accessories can be personalized and meaningful. One of the best go-to trends of 2022 is hip-hop jewelry. Made trendy by music videos and celebrities, these shiny and straightforward pieces will help give you the swag you need to walk through next year feeling great.

Invest in Health Products

We live in a world where you do not have to live through the pain. If your body is hurting, invest in some CBD topical spray for pain. Not only are CBD products trending, but they also work! You can apply directly to the source point of your pain and feel near-instant relief. And then, if you are feeling under the weather, try taking some Genexa.

Genexa, the world’s first clean medicine company. is made with quality natural ingredients, but it saves you a visit to the pharmacy. Working on both kids and adults alike, there are no artificial ingredients used to solve the aches, pains, fevers, chills, sore throats, and more.

Gather Up the Wellness Collections

Not only are health products essential to help you feel your best, but there is also a range of wellness collections designed to keep you feeling great on the inside equally. This, too, will naturally radiate externally and give you that zen glow for 2022. One way to do this is by getting the Bubbly Belle’s soap bar collection, which is an assortment of handmade soaps that let you lather your skin with hydrating ingredients while equally washing away all your stress and worries. With flavors like lavender, oatmeal, and ocean breeze, the collection lets you have all the beautiful indulgences to work your way through. Wellness collections also include skincare products too. So if you are someone who has sensitive skin and can easily get pimples after shaving, consider getting skincare collections that are made with natural ingredients and give you your best skin yet.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Alright, it is time to get out of those sweatpants. Give yourself a little shopping spree this year (even if it is all done online) and get yourself some new swag to feel great in. Some classic items you should consider upgrading include your mens graphic tees and all-American blue jeans. Of course, don’t forget the white sneakers and a go-to jacket. When upgrading your wardrobe, keep it simple as it really should be quality over quantity.

Take Your Daily Vitamins and Supplements

While eating healthy and well-balanced meals is a top priority, many tend to fail. Simply due to there not being enough time in the day and the temptations being too honest. But if you are not able to get all your essential vitamins and nutrients in through your daily diet, talk to your doctor about incorporating a range of health supplements into your routine. From testosterone boosting supplements courtesy of to fish oil that ensures you get enough omega-3 during the day, there are numerous ways to safeguard the nutrients your body is fueled with—allowing you to feel great every day of the year.

And, in addition to health supplements, consider getting all your nutritional needs through the Pressed Juicery, your partner for good in providing clean and healthy juices jam-packed with all the plant goodness in the world.

Beautify Your Make-Up Kit

Every year your make-up kit deserves an upgrade. So this year, make sure you stock it full of naturally created products like clean cream blush, so your skin looks great and feels great too—with no risk of any nasties being mixed in. You should always feel great in your skin, and clean make-up products are a great way to ensure that while also being successful at giving you that natural glow.

Enhance Your Workout Routine

Elevate your at-home workouts with MIRROR, a revolutionary personal training system that leads you through various workout classes in an actual mirror. And when you are not logging into workout classes, the mirror will let you look and admire how fabulous you are. Working out at home does not have to be boring. Especially if it means you get to mix it up daily with cardio, weights, yoga, meditation, and stretching,

Book That Holiday

You’ve had to give up a lot in the last two years. So now is the time to finally book that dream holiday and get off the grid for a while. A great way to do that is through quality vacation rental properties that you can trust. So whether you want to be in the mountains, on a lake, or near a beach, you can book the perfect getaway for you and escape the stresses of your daily life.

Talk to Someone

Another important way to truly look and feel your best is to talk to someone. Mental health is a top priority for us all this year. And with access to online therapy, you are never that far away from a trusted resource who is there to listen to you, empathize with you and guide you. So just promise us that this year you won’t be stuffing your feelings down, as that is a sure way to trigger both stress and haggardness.

So bring on the New Year. With these tips and tricks to look and feel great, you will enjoy every second of 2022. From looking after your health and wellness to investing in beauty products and medicine made with natural ingredients, you can genuinely cheers your way to a better you.