How To Give A Massage Incorporating Massage Oils

Intimate connections are key parts of any working relationship. From the act of touching to intimacy in the bedroom, the more that couples connect with one another, the deeper their relationship will become. Massages are one of the most often overlooked yet meaningful ways that couples can relieve tension together while bonding. Of course, giving a great massage doesn’t just require solid massage therapist-like skills, but quality massage oils as well.

There are many ways that a massage can enhance intimacy, hone communication skills, and allow couples to get closer together. The following guide will serve as a solid starting point and couples can further enhance the experience by incorporating their own unique sets of skills.

Which Massage Oil Works Best?

First and foremost, the purpose of massage oil is to work as a skin lubricant that will allow the person doing the massage to reduce skin-on-skin friction. It may seem remotely tempting to try using something already available at home, but investing in quality massage oils can do wonders for any relationship! This is especially a worthwhile investment when looking to set the mood for a slightly more intimate evening.

The person receiving the massage should feel at ease and completely relaxed during the entire duration of the massage and that requires them to feel all of the benefits of relaxation. For this reason, it’s recommended to choose massage oil from a reputable company such as Pure Romance.

The massage oils offered by Pure Romance contain natural ingredients as well as calming scents that can help couples relax. For example, the HeLi massage oil contains a seductive blend of ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and lemon balm to fire up passion and intimacy. It is easily warmed by rubbing the hands together allowing it to naturally glide on the body.

For couples that prefer to skip massage oils with particular scents or wish to introduce even more aromatherapy into the bedroom, scented luxury candles such as well for the relaxation benefits.

What Enhances The Quality Of Massage Oils?

Massage oils have the ability to help a person relax, stimulate, soothe or excite, but it all comes down to the atmosphere that couples hope to achieve. Playing around with the wide range of scents as well as oil mixtures available can become an enjoyable and even romantic pastime. For example, the Knead Me massage oil contains a subtle blend of apricot oil and jojoba oil, both of which help a person’s hands glide effortlessly across the skin.

Setting The Mood For A Massage

The right ambiance is key to achieving a sensual massage. It’s important to ensure that the space where the massage is carried out is clean, free of clutter, and has a relaxing overall vibe. Further set the mood by playing subtle music in the background and make sure that the soundtrack is one that sets the right tone for the evening. If setting up the massage may take some time, drawing the other person a bath while they wait is a good way to keep up the ambiance.

Candles are always the next on the list to enhance the mood. A few scented and aptly placed candles can help with aromatherapy while also protecting against potential accidents during the massage. Selecting candles that play well with the chosen massage oils is a great way to complement the products for a seamless experience, and fortunately, Pure Romance offers everything couples could ever want or need in this category!

Tips For Providing A Romantic Massage

The first step is to relax the other person by lightly touching them all over their body without using any oils. Something fun like a feather duster can also help set the mood. The next step is, of course, to apply a generous helping of oil to the hands and follow the steps below:

  1. It’s best to start out slowly in an area of the body that isn’t too sensitive. Rubbing, stroking, and gently pressing are all ways to help heighten the sensations of the massage. As a tip, long strokes are great for improving constant contact and touch.
  2. It’s worth paying attention to detail and also massaging those often missed less popular spots on the body such as the fingers, between the eyebrows, back of the neck and elbows, and behind the knees. Progressing throughout the body in this manner can result in a massage with a happy ending.

Couples need to work together to find each other’s most relaxing and therapeutic spots. Oftentimes, these will include the scalp, back of the knees, the small of the back, and feet. Working on these areas may sometimes serve as foreplay for intimacy but can also work as a way to strengthen the bond and the relationship between two people.

Pure Romance believes that sexuality and wellness are key to feeling healthy and happy. They are creating a safe environment where women can discuss their wellness and get professional advice.

So, whether you are looking to add a little sizzle to your relationship or simply relax with your partner, Pure Romance has the perfect massage oil for you!