How To Feng Shui Your Kitchen

The environment is everything. We tend to blame failure or unhappiness, bad habits on willpower, a lack of talent, poor motivation, a lack of effort, or the absence of grit. Those things matter, but the most critical driver of success, happiness, and good habits is the environment. For people who want to eat better, in other words, eat the right things, and in the right portions, this is very important. To develop good eating habits, you need to design your kitchen to achieve that. The best way to do that is to feng shui it.

Declutter Your Surfaces

The counter space is the heart of the kitchen. So what you want to do is declutter your counter space, leaving only the essentials. Marie Kondo made decluttering popular by showing how discarding the things you don’t need and remaining only with those things that “spark joy” in your life can lead to a happier and more organized life.

Do a mental inventory of what you need on your counter space and the whole kitchen, what is essential, and what “sparks joy” in your life. Then, clear out what doesn’t fit into this box, or think of replacing critical items you don’t love with something that does the same job but sparks joy.

Organize Your Pantry and Fridge and Clean Your Oven

Organizing your kitchen is crucial to creating the ideal space to build good eating habits and feel happier and calmer in the kitchen. Start by organizing the pantry and fridge. This will help create more storage space while allowing you to get rid of unhealthy or expired food. Be meticulous, going through each shelf one by one. Make sure to clean as you go along.

Having the right kitchen cabinet will add to the aesthetic of your kitchen. Creative Cabinets are a perfect fit for a decluttered, clean, open kitchen designed according to feng shui.

As you organize, you might find gadgets and things that you seldom use and can throw away, or perhaps something that will inspire your next healthy eating project.

Once that is done, clean your oven.

Clean Your Floors

Floors are breeding grounds for germs. They are possibly the dirtiest part of the house. If your kitchen floor is like most people’s, it needs a good scrubbing. My favorite way of cleaning kitchen floors is with some Castile soap and water, but you can use any other cleaner that works for you. I like to add some essential oil to make the floors even fresher.

Add Citrus

Put some citrus in a bowl and place that bowl on your counter. This will create a wonderfully fresh and natural feeling in your kitchen. In the feng shui tradition, nine citrus fruits attract abundance, but you can always add more or have less. The important thing, after all, is to spark joy in your life.

Grow Something in Your Kitchen

If you want to feel a spirit of abundance and potential, you should grow something in your kitchen, whether herbs, sprouts, or vegetable or potted plant. The feng shui tradition suggests using basil plants to tap into the spirit of abundance and good fortune. According to many traditions, Basil plants are said to be particularly good at attracting money. In addition, basil plants are pretty easy to grow in the kitchen.

Go On Autopilot

Your environment must make good decisions for you. For instance, buy smaller plates to eat the right portions as a matter of course. One study found that we consume 22% less just by switching from 12-inch to 10-inch dinner plates. Go around your kitchen and make the proper adjustments so that it makes the right decisions for you.