How to eat less sugar

Holistic Nutrition

You might have read the title and thought – well simply just eat less sugar. Well true, it is not that easy. Sugar is an addictive substance. More so, it can be very bad for you.

In this article, there will be mention of ways how to cut sugar out or at least to eat less.

The issues with sugar is that it is linked to different things, like poor sleep, increased anxiety, mood swings, excess belly fat, brain fog, hormonal problems such as thyroid issues to endometriosis, bloating and even cravings, just to name a few. It is therefore best, if not just for the sake of better health, to consume less sugar.

Drink more water

You know that drinking two liters of water is good for you. Most of all, if you are dehydrated you could start to feel hungry and fatigue. The problem is that when you have these, of hunger and fatigue, you will have increased sugar cravings. To overcome this, drink water and you can add some lemon, mint, cucumber, or strawberries or even other berries to your water to flavor the taste or to make it sweetener.

Do understand your cravings

There are different reasons why we have cravings. These can range from emotional reasons for instance. But what you need to do is to understand why you are having cravings. You should therefore look what time of the day you have your craving, as this could explain what is causing the cravings. For instance, if it is after noon, then grasp it and rather go for a break and have a walk to boost your energy levels instead of grabbing a chocolate bar. If, however, your cravings are after your dinner, then your diet might be wrong. It can be that people that are under-eating in the mornings will have cravings later in the evening. To overcome this, eat a decent breakfast or opt for a yummy smoothie.

Eat a spoonful of almond butter

A fantastic trick to cut the sugar cravings is to eat healthy fats. One of the best options is to have a bit of almond butter. Almond butter is not only tasty, it has a sweet taste.

If you are allergic to nuts, then you could exchange almond butter for sunflower seed butter.

Have a cup of peppermint tea

Peppermint, either as an essential oil or as a tea, can help to cut your cravings. Just place a drop of essential oil on your tongue, or you could drop some on your wrists to help lessen your sugar cravings. Otherwise, have some peppermint tea.

You could use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many benefits. These benefits include treatment of bloating, but apple cider vinegar is also effective at reducing sugar cravings. In fact, it was mentioned in the Journal of Functional Foods, that taking apple cider vinegar just before your meal could aids to lower your blood sugar levels which is vital to help to control your sugar cravings.

Become active and get some fresh air

The easiest way to halt your sugar cravings, is to just to change your scenery. One way you can do that is to go for a walk during lunch to not only get some fresh air, but also to cut your cravings. You could even got for a cup of peppermint tea or drink some flavored water that contain some lemon or mint leaves. Alternatively, you could go for a jog, or just relax and listen to some music.