How To Eat Healthily On Holiday

Holidays are full of temptation. If you’ve worked hard all year long to get your summer body ready, don’t let a week away undo all your hard work. It can be easy to stick to a healthy routine on holiday, and make it enjoyable, if you know how. Before you travel make sure you have renewed your UK EHIC to ensure you are covered for any emergency medical treatment you might need.

Stick to Mealtimes

It can be tempting to eat throughout the day when you are on holiday and there are so many foods available to try. However, if you stick to your regular meal times, instead of indulging all of your cravings, you will manage to maintain the healthy eating pattern you are used to. Try to stick to eating wholesome meals, similar to those you would eat at home. Of course, try new things and branch out too so you don’t become bored.

Try the Local Produce

You make eating healthier on holiday more enjoyable if you try all of the local produce. Perhaps there is an exotic fruit that is local to the area, or a particular type of vegetable which features heavily in a lot of dishes in the country. You might even find a new favourite food!

Eat In

Restaurant food can be healthy if you choose the right places but often the portion sizes are enormous, which makes it harder to eat the right amount of food. If you are staying in accommodation with its own kitchen, such as a villa or apartment, then make sure you use the facilities. It is a lot healthier to cook your own meals from scratch than eat out every night. Again, you can make it more interesting buy using local produce. If you do go out to eat, perhaps consider only eating until you are full instead of finishing the whole portion.

Indulge Occasionally

Rather than completely deprive yourself of treats, make sure you indulge occasionally. If you fancy an ice cream or cocktail, there is nothing wrong with that. Just try to avoid having more than one treat per day. Being strict with yourself will help you to control you cravings and help you to avoid over indulging.

Avoid the Minibar

Not only are hotel mini bars expensive, they are usually full of treats that are loaded with sugar, such as biscuits and chocolate. Save your teeth, your health and your wallet by staying away from the mini bar!

Remember to Eat Breakfast

This healthy eating tip that applies wherever you are in the world, but it can be easy to get up and head out for the day without eating breakfast. This is a mistake as it will only leave you craving sugary and fatty snacks later for energy. It is also harder to find healthy snacks when you are out and about on holiday, which could leave you reaching for convenience foods. Breakfast buffets usually have lots of healthy options, such as fruit and yoghurt so make sure you’re up in time to take advantage of them.