How to Afford Fertility Treatments

In an ideal world, trying for a baby would lead to pregnancy within a very short space of time. Sadly for many women, life just doesn’t work out like that. Infertility can affect any woman, but it is more likely to be an issue with older women. Couples may have put off having children until their careers were established of they had enough money in the bank, only to discover that when the time comes, pregnancy is an elusive dream.

Fertility Treatment

When it is impossible to conceive a baby the natural way, infertility treatments offer an alternative. The trouble is fertility treatments are not only stressful for couples – they are also very expensive and not everyone can afford endless cycles of in vitro fertilisation. If you are lucky, you will achieve success in the first round of IVF treatments, but more often than not it takes several rounds of IVF for a woman to have a successful pregnancy. So what is the answer if you are desperate for a baby, but your healthcare insurance won’t cover expensive fertility treatment and you can’t afford to pay for it yourself?

There are a number of fertility treatment grants and financial assistance programmes in the US available to help couples who can’t afford to pay for fertility treatment. Application criteria vary but in general couples will be expected to submit an application form and provide evidence of their fertility history. Applicants will be selected according to their financial status and personal circumstances.

Nationwide Fertility Treatment Grants

  • The Baby Quest Foundation offers financial assistance to couples, including same sex couples, who can’t afford to pay for fertility treatment. Applicants are welcome from all over the United States. Grants are given out to chosen recipients three times per year.
  • The Inter National Council on Infertility Information Dissemination (INCIID) runs a programme for couples who need financial assistance. Applicants are expected to register with the INCIID, pay a small annual donation and undertake some fundraising. In return successful applicants can have free treatment at well respected fertility clinics all over the United States.

State Specific Fertility Treatment Grant Programmes

As well as national fertility treatment grants, there are also many grant foundations that give financial assistance to candidates living in specific States.

  • Couples living close to Morris, Illinois, can apply for financial assistance for fertility treatment from the Angels of Hope Foundation.
  • The B.U.M.P.S. IVF Grant is available to couples in Florida. Successful applicants are chosen according to their personal circumstances, financial situation and fertility history. Women must also be aged 43 or under if they are planning to use their own eggs during the treatment.
  • The Madeleine Gordon Gift of Life Foundation is for couples living with 15 miles of the greater Cincinnati area. To apply, send a letter to the foundation outlining your personal circumstances.

Try not to be disheartened if your insurance won’t pay for fertility treatment. There are always other options so make sure you ask your doctor for advice and do lots of research to see if there are alternative ways of paying for fertility treatment.