How Disposable Vapes Can Help You Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the best things a person can do to help them feel healthier. The harmful effects of such a practice are well documented and not to be taken lightly. But, heavy smokers know this isn’t always easy to achieve. Many people struggle with their addiction to nicotine for years. Its only when they are afflicted with life threatening diseases, realization dawns upon them.

Fortunately, since the invention of e-cigarettes, it’s now possible to successfully quit smoking with disposable vapes. According to a study, vaping sales stood at around $15.7 in 2018 and will reach $40 billion by 2023. They have become the ultimate and convenient way for youngsters to quit smoking. By following the steps given below, you could be well on the way to becoming a healthier, happier, more energetic non-smoker!

First step: Familiarise yourself with disposable vapes and how they work

As electronic devices, disposable vapes deliver nicotine in the absence of tobacco. Instead of producing smoke, they produce a harmless vapour. When you consider how many chemicals the smoke of cigarette contains, it’s little wonder disposable vapes have become so popular with those who enjoy the act of smoking, but without so many health risks.

Moreover, disposable vapes can be an excellent tool for those trying to quit smoking, as they offer a similar sensation to smoking but without exposing users to the harmful effects of tobacco. These devices come in various shapes, sizes, and strengths, and they offer a range of flavors of nicotine.

Apart from being affordable, disposable vapes are also quite fun to use, and they can be easily disposed of after use. Overall, disposable vapes can be a valuable resource for smokers looking to quit, as they provide a safer alternative to smoking while still offering a similar experience.

Second step: Select the right type of vape for your needs

Even if you’re selecting a disposable vape to enjoy alongside smoking, or as a standalone habit, you’ll still need to think about certain factors. They are strength of the nicotine, flavours and what the device itself looks and feels like to use. If you are using disposable vapes to help you quit smoking, you should choose nicotine strength matching to your current habit. Then you can experiment to find a flavour that you enjoy the taste and smell of.

While there are a wide range of disposable vapes to choose from, some of the most popular are SKE crystal bar, Elf Bar and Lost Mary Vapes. They typically come in a great selection of flavours to suit every palate.

Third step: Decide when to quit and set up a plan

It can be immensely helpful to set a date for quitting, especially from a mental perspective, and when developing a plan for doing so, you should try to identify any triggers that might make you want to light up, and these can include certain types of activities, or situations that typically cause you to crave a cigarette. Once you identify these, you can turn your attention to finding ways to handle such triggers so that you don’t cave in and have a smoke. Disposable vapes can be a great way of helping you manage your cravings and symptoms of tobacco withdrawal. They give you a much smaller, controlled nicotine dose.

Fourth step: Get vaping!

Fortunately, anyone can master the art of vaping, and it simply involves inhaling through the mouthpiece and indulging in the flavoured vapour. Marking the number of days that you’ve gone without smoking can help your motivation levels and give you a reason to celebrate.

Fifth step: Gradually stop being addicted to nicotine and stop vaping

By using lower strength nicotine disposable vapes, you can wean yourself off of nicotine altogether, and then stop vaping altogether.

Do note that for many people addicted to nicotine, relapses are common. Provided you’re trying your hardest to quit smoking, these slipups should not serve as a reason to consider yourself a failure. Simply keep vaping, and keep on trying to quit nicotine. With the 5 steps above, you’ll get there.