How can you measure your personality?

The personality of a human being is highly complex but can be determined by doing many tests. The difficulty lies in the fact that a person’s behaviour cannot be easily checked and professionals have to work a lot to determine the behaviour of a particular person. There is also a link between the health and personality of the person: both are found to be very much important and must be assessed with different tools. A tool frequently and effectively used to measure the personality is named the Eysenck’s Personality Inventory (EPI). The EPI measures personality based on two main dimensions:

  1. the extroversion/introversion dimension;
  2. the neuroticism/stability dimension.

Personality dimensions

The extroversion/introversion dimension measures a very important characteristic of a person. People are often classified as extroverts or introverts based on their social behaviour. Extroversion is characterised by being open, friendly, sociable and chatty, while introversion is characterised by being quiet in social situations and a reticence to mingle with others.

The neuroticism/stability dimension is very important as it accounts for most of the variance in the measurement of personality. This dimension measures anxiety, moodiness, frustration and fear among other things.

EPI scoring

There are three main important scores which can be obtained by answering questions about these two dimensions and all the three scores are found to be highly valuable in determining the behaviour and character of a person. There are three main scores are the lie score, the E score (for the Extraversion dimension) and finally the N score (for the Neuroticism dimension). To find out about the scores and the details related to them, people can visit the EPI website which will directly provide the needed information. Professionals can make use of this tools and thus become expert at analyzing and assessing the personality of individuals.

Creating questionnaires is really useful to assess the personality of a person and to obtain more information, questions can be designed to closely investigate the behaviour of the person. It is very difficult to write suitable and also reasonable questions. You can find plenty of personality tests on different websites.