How Breast Reduction Surgery Works

Some women naturally have larger breasts than others. Women with larger breasts tend to experience neck, shoulder, and back pain from carrying the weight of the breasts on the front of the body. Although culture talks about larger breasts being idolized, women with larger breasts sometimes have lower self-esteem because of how large their breasts are. Shirts and bras may not fit as well as they would fit a person with average breast size, leaving women feeling insecure about what they are wearing and how they look. Carrying the extra weight from larger, pendulous breasts can cause physical exhaustion and chronic neck and back pain. That is why many women over the years have considered breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery can help eliminate the burden of large breasts that women have been carrying with them for most of their lives.

The Cons of Larger Breasts

Although some people want larger breasts, some like smaller breasts because of the burden they are carrying around. Larger breasts are heavier and make it quite challenging to have good posture. This heavy weight and bad posture result in neck and back pain. Typically a bra is used to hold the majority of the weight of larger breasts. However, this causes the bra strap to dig into the skin and make grooves in the shoulders. You have pain in your back and neck from the weight of the breasts, but now you have deep grooves from the bra straps digging into your shoulders. Another con of larger breasts is that you have to be particular about what you wear. Many places have dress codes where cleavage must be covered to be appropriate. A shirt with a lower cut but still covers cleavage might work on a person with average-sized breasts. However, that same shirt may not be up to code on a person with larger breasts, making the shirt’s top cut lower and revealing cleavage. This can be frustrating for a woman with larger breasts and also make her feel more insecure if she doesn’t feel like she can adequately cover herself how she would like. With overly large breasts, women may have skin folds. This can cause skin irritation from the skin folds rubbing against each other. Overall, the cons of larger breasts can lead to physical and emotional issues.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery can reduce chronic neck and back pain symptoms by eliminating much of the weight caused by having larger breasts. It also can keep your bra strap from digging into your shoulders and creating grooves that can cause discomfort. Activities may become easier, such as bending over, exercising, and maneuvering in small spaces. Women who have breast reduction surgery may wear shirts while meeting the dress code when that may not have been the case before. Having breast reduction surgery can also help eliminate skin folds that often irritate rubbing together. Ultimately, women who have found discomfort from having large breasts can find relief by literally having a weight lifted off their shoulders.

How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Work?

The first thing that needs to be done before having a breast reduction surgery is a consultation. This can be done in person or virtually. During a consultation, the doctor will examine your breast and hear your concerns and wishes you have for reducing your breast size. The doctor then can recommend what they might be able to do for you. Typically, there are a couple of options when performing a breast reduction procedure. This included choosing an incision pattern and how the nipple pedicle is designed. The two options are the anchor and the lollipop incisions. For the nipple pedicle, the options are inferior, superior, and medial pedicles. During your consultation, the doctor will discuss what might be best for you when planning for breast reduction.

Once your consultation is complete, you will schedule a date for surgery. During the minimally invasive procedure, excess breast tissue, fat, and skin may be removed to reduce the size of the breasts. In addition, reshaping may take place to meet the expectations discussed during the consultation. The breast reduction procedure is an outpatient procedure, and a patient can go home sometime after the procedure.

Feeling Lighter

For women who have larger breasts, breast reduction surgery is an option for those who feel burdened by more prominent breasts. Because oversized breasts can cause physical and emotional distress, having breast reduction surgery can help women feel relief from constant neck, shoulder, and back pain. They can also feel more confident and secure in their clothing, knowing it will fit much better than before. In addition, their bras no longer have to dig into their skin and create grooves. Breast reduction surgery is a popular option for women who want smaller breasts with a minimally invasive procedure.