How AI Advances are Providing Expert Level Diabetes Care

DreaMed Diabetes using technology to prescribe treatment to patients with no access to professional related medical resources

  • DreaMed, an Israeli biotech company, has developed AI to potentially transform how diabetes may be treated across the healthcare industry.  
  • The DreaMed integration and alliance of leading clinicians and endocrinologists have created a form of expert-level care by applying advanced algorithms as well as analytics in order to provide holistic treatment plans and recommendations to diabetic individuals. 
  • The Advisor Pro may potentially be enhancing diabetic patients’ quality of life while also reducing clinical visit administrative costs, which may be assumed to be estimated at billions of dollars per year in the US. 

According to the World Health Organization, it may be estimated that 463 million people worldwide are living with diabetes. Statistics show that by 2045 this number may potentially rise to 700 million individuals living with diabetes around the world. 

The relationship between endocrinology and diabetes is an integrated one; endocrinologists could make sure blood circulation and ensure good blood circulation and pressure in diabetes patients in order to fine-tune their diabetes treatments and regimens. According to research, there is a notable scarcity of endocrinologists in the US where the ratio displays approximately 1 endocrinologist to 41 000 diabetes patients, which implies an approximate percentage of 50% of regimen mismanagement and  lack of medical care. However, an innovative company, DreaMed, is taking innovative strides to curb the disease.


How DreaMed is Providing Diabetes Care for Patients

This modern and radical company, established in 2014, managed to market the first ever artificial pancreas technology that was published in NEJM. Since then, the company has been taking what may be potentially described as dramatic strides towards support and assistance tools and software to aid patients with diabetes and, as a result, has become the first and only company across the globe that has received FDA clearance for using data from CGM/SMBG and insulin pumps.

Unlike other telehealth and digital health services, DreaMed has managed to develop themselves to be prominent and established figures at the forefront of the diabetes healthcare and medical incentive space. The company has created a progressive and innovative variety of chronic disease AI-based algorithms that have the capacity to dramatically turn around the lives of the ill who do not have access to traditional healthcare systems. With market validation, this revolutionary company has gained significant recognition  from world-famous clinical centers and software companies to the likes of Medtronic Diabetes, DexCom, Yale-New Haven, and Glooko.

The DreaMed Advisor Pro

The United States FDA had recently authorized the DreaMed Advisor Pro in 2018. Since then has been practicing using digital and online technology to potentially improve the lifestyles of patients across the world. This technology may be explained as a decision-support tool and a diabetes data advisor for real-time and personalized medicine. This type of artificial intelligence integrates real-world experience and has the capacity to quickly and automatically potentially manage optimal treatments options in order to maintain balanced glucose levels. 

Initially, the specialists of the company had directed their products capabilities towards patients with type one diabetes; however, after recent developments and technological improvements by the qualified scientific team, research demonstrates that the innovative medical device may potentially be used and recommended for patients with type two diabetes as well.

Since each individual is different, each patient is also unique, causing their possible diabetic status and profile to also be exclusive. Proper and professional diabetes management may require an especially acute treatment plan and supervision; however, with the innovation of this online platform, the data of each patient, which is potentially stored in their CGM, SMBG, and insulin pump, has the capacity to consequently be organized into the MD Logic-based algorithm to create a medical treatment plan that may be applied to the patient in order to simplify their specific treatment process.Therefore, the Advisor Pro has the ability to develop completed personalized therapeutic plans, which may possibly allow patients to simplify their monitoring process for themselves or their caregivers. 

Final Thoughts  

The ground-breaking applicability that comes with this type of contemporary and progressive technology may conceivably be a lifesaving mechanism for millions of diabetics across the US. 

Leading pediatricians who were interviewed during the Advisor Pro clinical trial phase have stated that this innovative product may not only improve the lives of patients living with diabetes but also significantly and potentially reduce the administrative expenses that come with clinical visits to endocrinologists and diabetes medical professionals. Accordingly, this product has the capacity to possibly decrease hospitalization, which may consequently reduce the cost on behalf of all parties involved in the care of diabetes patients, leaving the medical industry as well as the patients with a viable economic benefit.