Build Teen Self Esteem with 7 Highly Effective Habits for Teens

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

“We first make our habits then our habits make us”

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, written by author Sean Covey for teens offers the young reader a step-by-step plan for building greater self-esteem and learning about self-empowerment.

This book is featured as “The Ultimate Teenage Success Guide” and rightly so. By covering the same principles his father did in the adult version, Sean does an excellent job of sharing the principles in a language that’s understandable and doable. Not only for teens, but adults and educators will benefit by reading an easier to follow version. Often times simply stated words can provoke greater ability to learn, retain, and implement.

The book begins by discussing how times have changed since the sixties and how it is much more difficult to maneuver through the pressures of today’s world with all the added stress. Teens are faced with many more decisions and Covey offers wisdom to help kids with what is placed in their lives by giving them tools to deal with real life issues.

Insight on self responsibility, and why it is important to have goals is discussed. The book examines what it means to prioritize and how thinking positive thoughts can influence what we create in our lives. Values, like sincerity, consideration and listening are explained. The importance of teamwork and how synergy works are some of the many topics discussed in a fun to read style to help teens learn how to be more self empowered.

The down to earth language speaks well while the author shares many stories about himself. Through story telling he offers some wonderful examples why these seven effective steps are capable of making life for a teen much better. It would be wonderful if these steps were taught as part of general school curriculum.

We highly recommend this book, and hope that teachers, grandparents, and parents will buy a copy to have in their home or educational environment. Living by example is one of the best ways we can support kids while growing up. And this book is a great example offering some wonderful life wisdom.