Homeopathic Healing: A Course in Homeopathy and First Aid

Dropper of Homeopathic Medicine

Naturopathic physician, Dr. Michael Smith, is an expert in homeopathy, using this form of medicine to address many chronic and acute conditions.

Dr. Lisa Amerine is also a naturopathic doctor, skilled in both conventional and natural medicine.

The doctors, of Carolinas Natural Health Center, have joined together to deliver a Homeopathic ER webinar: Homeopathy and First Aid, a course designed to teach participants the benefits of homeopathy and the practical uses in common situations.

Dr. Smith recently shared some information on homeopathy and discussed the upcoming seminar.

The Basics of Homeopathy

Erin Legg: For those who are unfamiliar with homeopathy, can you please briefly explain its origins and philosophies?

Dr. Michael Smith: Homeopathy is a form of natural medicine that works with the body’s innate ability to heal. It is a 200 year old system of medicine that is still practiced around the world to cure a variety of both acute and chronic health conditions, and in some countries it stands as the primary method of medical treatment.

Homeopathy uses minuscule doses of natural substances to stimulate the body’s healing. It works to support the body’s attempt to heal or correct an imbalance rather than suppressing symptoms as is often done with conventional medications.

Erin: In terms of homeopathic medicine, can you explain what they are made from and how they work in healing?

Dropper of Homeopathic MedicineDr. Smith: Homeopathic medicines are mostly made from plants, minerals or animals. They are extremely dilute medicines prepared from natural substances, are very safe to use, and do not interact with other natural or pharmaceutical medicines.

The selection of the homeopathic remedy is truly what makes it homeopathic. A remedy is chosen based on the law of similars—that it can produce the same or similar symptoms to what the person currently has.

A simple example could be with someone who has a cold. They have a runny nose with clear discharge that is irritating, or produces a redness and sensitive skin under the nose. They also have watery eyes, and are noticeably better in the cool air. They may need Allium cepa, a remedy that is made from red onion. Think about the symptoms that maybe produced by cutting up an onion. The remedies act to support the body’s healing process and the person experiences much quicker relief.

Benefits of Homeopathic Medicine

Erin: Homeopathy is a comprehensive field. Do homeopathic treatments work for all ailments or diseases? Are there any situations where a homeopathic approach to the situation would not be appropriate?

Dr. Smith: Homeopathy can be used to treat any chronic or acute condition, including first aid situations like cuts, burns, insect bites, but also colds, flus, digestive issues, and anxiety and depression. Since homeopathy is safe and effective, it can also be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

There are conditions, such as a physical injury, that may require surgery or a broken bone placed. These injuries can be well supported with homeopathy, but will required additional medical attention.

If someone has a life threatening situation, I would highly recommend that they go to a hospital and may use homeopathy as supplemental therapy.

Erin: Homeopathy sounds extremely beneficial. What are the benefits from applying this medical practice in one’s life? Are there any concerns or side effects related to this form of medicine?

Homeopathic Medicine and PlantsDr. Smith: The greatest benefit of homeopathy is that it is safe, effective, and relatively inexpensive compared to conventional medicine. Since homeopathy works with your body’s innate ability to heal, it naturally helps your body to do what it was meant to.

With homeopathy, you don’t have to worry about dangerous side effects or interactions with other medications. If the wrong remedy is given, nothing happens. It is only when the indicated (homeopathic) remedy is given that there is a noted improvement in the state of health of the individual.

Homeopathic Educational Opportunity

Erin: Dr. Smith, you and Dr. Amerine will be leading a homeopathic webinar on homeopathy and first aid. What will be covered during this webinar?

Dr. Smith: This webinar will cover how to use homeopathy in everyday first aid situations. We will explain more about what homeopathy is and how to use it effectively, including proper dosage for an array of common acute conditions.

Some of the conditions that we will cover include cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites, post surgical healing, tooth aches, colds, back aches, etc.

Erin: Who is the webinar designed for, or who will benefit the most from it?

Dr. Smith: The webinar is ideal for parents, grandparents, nurses, other health care practitioners, and people interested in natural medicine.

There is no medical training or prior homeopathic knowledge required. We will present everything in an easy-to-follow format with time for questions and interaction with the presenting physicians.

Erin: What can the audience expect to gain from participating in this webinar?

Dr. Smith: The course is a 6-week interactive live webinar series, so the audience can expect to gain a solid level understanding of what homeopathy is, how to use it, and what remedy to use for each condition.

By the end of the webinar, the participants will be able to confidently administer homeopathy remedies to their families, friends, patients, or others they encounter who are dealing with the conditions covered in this course.

Homeopathy and First Aid Webinar Course

Using Homeopathic MedicineThis learning opportunity of natural medicine will be invaluable to participants, as they will gain knowledge in homeopathy and its application in common first aid situations.

Lead by two leading homeopathic physicians, the course will be a comprehensive learning experience for all types of people wanting to develop their understanding of this system of medicine.

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